Dog Training Fredericksburg

Dog Training Fredericksburg

Benefits of Professional Dog Training in Fredericksburg:

– Experts agree, if you’re going to own a dog, you should make the investment in providing the appropriate type of training to ensure a healthy relationship between you and your dog. In the absence of training, your dog will grow to believe they can behave in any way they choose, which can be a serious problem in your day to day life as the dog becomes bigger and more difficult to manage. Wag Ur Tail offers three types of dog training in Fredericksburg: Behavior Training, Private Lessons, and an intensive 2-week Board & Train that is unmatched for the value that it provides.

– It’s a simple fact that the more time spent with your dog in their formative years, the more control you’ll have over their behavior as they get older. Even if you miss those formative years, all is not lost. Training can help any dog with their behavior, and it could actually save your dog’s life in the event that they should wander into a dangerous or life-threatening situation. Having the ability to call your dog back to you safely may be invaluable one day. Consider the unlikely event that your dog should be placed in a shelter in the future. If this should become a reality, for one reason or another, a well-trained dog will be the first to find a new home. Wag Ur Tail offers affordable and effective dog training in Fredericksburg.

– Most dog owners want to take their dogs along with them when they go places, whether that happens to be a short trip to the park or a longer trip, such as on a vacation. You and your dog will be welcomed in more places rather than turned away if you’ve invested in behavior training. Don’t be one of those dog owners who thinks their dog can do no wrong, and proceeds to make a nuisance out of their presence without knowing it. Make certain everyone you come in contact with in public is happy to see you and your dog coming, rather than going.

– The bond between an owner and a well-behaved dog is stronger and more positive than that of an owner and a dog that has not received training. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact. To strengthen the bond, it’s essential that you pour your time, affection and some resource into the dog so that they will learn how to best respond to your wishes and build a trust that will always be there.

Call Wag Ur Tail’s owner, Mike Morrison, at 540-834-8353 to inquire about dog training in Fredericksburg or go online and check out the Wag Ur Tail ‘Services’ link to get a better idea of what’s available for your dog. Wag Ur Tail is US Army Veteran owned and operated by disabled vet, Mike Morrison, who offers private training, behavior training and in-home intensive training for dogs.

Dog Training Fredericksburg
Wag ur Tail Dog Training
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