Dog Training Northern Va

Dog Training Northern Va


As more and more people adopt dogs into their families, there is an increased need to properly train them. Having a well-behaved dog makes life more enjoyable for everyone in the family and ensures the safety of your pet. Your pup needs to be able to listen to you, especially when a problem or dangerous situation arises. It’s also essential that your dog is nice to be around. Dog training in Northern Va will give your dog the skills he needs to be the best family member as possible.

Basic Training

Puppies can begin learning basic commands from an early age. You want to be sure that your dog will listen to you and be able to sit, come and stay when instructed to do so. Even older dogs can be taught some of these skills so that they remain safe. It’s important that when you call your dog he will always come. This will ensure that you have control over your pet at all times.

Most people feel that they should be able to train their own pets. This can be difficult because you aren’t an expert. You may not provide the consistency necessary to properly train your dog. It’s usually best to leave dog training to the professionals. An experienced company specializing in dog training in Northern Va is a great option when you want to make sure that your pet receives lasting benefits.

2-Week Board and Train

Our 2-week board and train is the best and most intensive dog training option. We work closely with your dog on a one-on-one basis to provide the type of instruction that will last a lifetime. Our training is done with genuine care and we don’t use shock collars. We want your dog to be trained using positive methods and reinforcements.

Another unique feature about on-site dog training in Northern Va is that we don’t use kennels at night. Instead, we allow your dog access to our home where he will be well loved, safe, and happy. We want to make sure that your pet is treated properly from the moment you drop him off until the minute you pick him up. In between, you can be assured that your dog is getting the best possible care while gaining the instruction he needs.

Correcting Bad Behaviors

As much as we love our dogs, they can sometimes pick up bad habits that can be annoying or even dangerous. Fortunately, most bad behaviors can be corrected and the dog can be taught what is expected of him. There are many types of actions that a dog does which may not be acceptable. For example, biting, barking, chasing, jumping, and chewing are just some of the negative behaviors that your dog may participate in.

Dogs will learn best from an experienced dog trainer who can connect with the pet to achieve the results you want. Contact Wag Ur Tail Dog Training today to find out about our training and to schedule a training class.





Dog Training Northern Va
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