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Board and Train in Fredericksburg VA

An intensive 2 week program for daily one-on-one dog training.

Two-Week Board and Train for Dogs in Stafford and Spotsy

The 2 Week Board and Train program at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training is an intensive course offered in the Stafford and Fredericksburg area that involves daily one-on-one training with Mike Morrison and your dog exclusively. Mike never has more than one dog at a time in his board and train course (unless you have 2 or more dogs that live together and need to be trained together).

In addition, your dog will live with Mike and his family in their home in Spostylvania, with their children. Dogs do not stay in kennels at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training. They learn appropriate behaviors for living in your home by learning first hand (or is that first paw?) in Mike’s home.

Whether you have a puppy who needs to be indoctrinated into “human-ese” or a dog with long-standing behavioral problem(s), the 2 week Board and Train program is the perfect setting for extinguishing problem behavior while building and reinforcing positive behavior instead.

Another advantage of the 2 week Board and Train program is that Mike can customize the course for your individual needs. Mike does not use a one-size-fits all training protocol, like shock collars. Some trainers may rely on shock collars, but at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, Mike employs methods and techniques that get solid results without the use of the shock collar.

Mike also takes the time to show owner(s) how to train with their dog and get the same results he gets, building owner confidence as well as lasting results in the dog. Mike’s goal is for dog owners to be able to rely on themselves to train and maintain their dogs rather than having to rely on a trainer when their dog needs to learn something new.

Most people do not have the time or the expertise to train their dogs effectively, causing unhappy living situations that could be eliminated by a relatively short course of training. Mike can fill that gap because the one-on-one exclusive attention he will give your dog will improve quality of life for all involved.

For more information about the Board and Train Program in Stafford or Spotsylvania, or to schedule your dog’s 2 week Board and Train course, call Mike at 540-834-8353. You can also see pictures of the Board and Train graduates on Facebook at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training.


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Board and Train alumni have shared their success stories:

Buddy came home yesterday from his 2 week board and train with Mike and his family and, let me tell you, his whole demeanor has changed. He is still our same lovable goof ball but you can tell he has so much more confidence and is a lot more calm in the house when it is time to wind down. Mike also gave us a ton of tips on how to continue working with him, had a lot of info on the breed and was an all around great person to work with.

Sarah Elizabeth O'Toole

Mike took our out of control 9-month-old chocolate lab and turned him into a well-behaved, polite member of our household! I was at my wits’ end with CJ. Best investment ever! He can walk appropriately on a leash now with Mike’s recommended harness. He can stay in one place for a few minutes at a time. (Still working on that!) He’s exhibiting so much self-control regarding chewing, trash, rough play with with his shih tzu brother. Overall, he’s exactly what we wanted: a happy, energetic, well-behaved fur kid. I only wish we’d have met Mike 3-4 months sooner. Oh, one last thing. Mike’s been great with after care. He left us with advice, tools, and encouragement. He’s also contacted us several times to check in on CJ. Considering an investment in your dog? Call Mike.

Sandra Strech

To learn more about the 2 week Board and Train Program or schedule your dog’s 2 week Board and Train course contact us today.

Call Mike Morrison at (540) 834-8353

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Board and Train in Fredericksburg VA
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Board and Train in Fredericksburg VA
An intensive 2 week program for daily one-on-one dog training.
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