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Does your dog bark nonstop? Is your dog just the cutest, most lovable thing but for some reason they just bark too much? It’s not uncommon–after all, dogs love to bark! It’s one way they communicate with us and other creatures they encounter. However, nonstop barking can be an overbearing, embarrassing, and annoying prospect to deal with. Luckily, our dog training in Fredericksburg not only offers a variety of dog obedience training and dog training classes, but we also have some of the best ways to help get the lovable fur ball in your life trained to not bark every second of your life.

1. Enroll In Dog Obedience Training

One of the most effective, surefire way to teach your dog not to bark is by signing up for dog training classes. We offer dog training in Fredericksburg and would be happy to take your dog on as a student. Even older dogs can learn not to bark! Not only will your dog learn not to bark, but the dog training in Fredericksburg can be specialized to teach your dog lots of new tricks, including socialization and behavioral consultation. Our dog training in Fredericksburg is concerned with turning your dog into a growing nuisance to the cuddle bug–that’s trained on barking– you fell in love with.

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2. Try Exercising Your Dog More

If dog training classes or dog obedience training simply isn’t feasible with your current lifestyle or occupation, you might want to consider exercising your dog more. Sometimes, especially when dogs are really energized, they might be prone to bark more excessively. By releasing all that pent up energy, it’s likely they’ll be more tired and less likely to bark. Here are some ways you can exercise your dog:

  • Take them to the dog park; it’s fun for them, low energy for you.
  • Take them to a field or a walk in the woods; it might even be relaxing for you.
  • Hit the trail and bring them on a run/bike; dogs have more stamina than you think, but be sure to research your breed’s physicality.
  • Hire someone to walk your dog when you’re at work; if you don’t have the time, at least you’re dog won’t suffer.

3. Remove The Stimulus

It can be difficult pinpointing just what it is, exactly, that our dog is barking at. However, by simply using the curtains to block a window, or putting your dog in a separate room to “cool off,” you just might be able to stop your dog from barking nonstop. Along the same lines, you always want to reward your dog when the exhibit appropriate behavior. Thus, if your dog is barking incessantly at something out the window, you should definitely close the curtains; when your dog settles down, you should let them know that that’s what your looking for, rewarding them with a treat! If your dog goes nuts when on a leash, on walks or in public, you can even try bringing treats and rewarding them when they don’t freak out.

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4. Try Teaching Your Dog New Tricks

Dogs don’t only require physical stimulus. So while exercising a dog that barks non stop might fix the problem some of the time, it might be tricky to do so on a rainy day. Instead, fire up your dog’s wits by stimulating their mental capacity with some new tricks. They can fun tricks, like rolling over, or learning how to dance. During these sessions not only will you bond with your dog more, but you’ll mentally drain them. This could tire them out, making them less apt to continue barking.

Think about it: can you really afford to keep a noisy dog? Even though you love your dog to death, you owe it to yourself and your pet to help them stop barking incessantly. Here at Wag Your Tail Dog Training, we depend on your dog’s success. Give us a call today at (540) 834-8353. A noisy dog doesn’t have to stay that way!