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You’ve got a new puppy that won’t stop crying! This is nothing like you thought it would be when you adopted her sweet face. You imagined endless hours of love, cuddling, playing and a certain amount of peace and quiet while you sleep.

The reality has been the exact opposite, and you don’t know what to do. It’s getting close to the point where you are considering puppy obedience training because nothing you have done to remedy the situation has worked.

Let’s take a look at several reasons why your new puppy can’t (or won’t) stop their constant crying. Then let’s find the solution.

Reasons Your New Puppy Won’t Stop Crying

1. Separation Anxiety

Your new puppy could be experiencing strong separation anxiety from her mother and siblings. After all, that’s all she’s ever known.

Just like humans, dogs deeply miss the ones they love when they are apart. For some puppies, this passes relatively quickly once they become acclimated to a new environment. For others, it might require puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia to help ease them into their new home.

We’ve been able to help countless puppies get over their separation anxieties. We can help yours too.

sad puppy

2. Stress

The stress of new surroundings is often a very difficult thing for puppies to get used to. Many times, their entire lives have been in one location with familiar people and familiar dogs around them. They’ve formed bonds and now they don’t know where they are or why.

Although you obviously have the best of intentions for your new puppy and want them to love their new home, sometimes it’s not that simple. Puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia can help your sweetheart get used to this big change and learn to love their new home.

We know how to help the transition happen as smooth as possible.

3. Restlessness

Did your puppy come from a location where she could run free for several hours a day and play at her heart’s content? Is she now in a location where her free movement is somewhere restricted?

Just as humans get bored when they’re couped up in what they perceive to be a confined area, so do dogs and puppies.

Try taking her on more walks or to the dog park where she can run around and burn off all that excess energy.

puppy going potty

4. She Doesn’t Know Where to Go Potty

This is a big one. Most new puppies have no idea where they are supposed to go potty when they’re brought in to a new environment. We’re sure you’ve done the best you can do to teach her, but she still makes mistakes in your home and is confused about what to do.

This is a scenario where puppy obedience training is required. It takes a lot of time and patience to teach a puppy, on your own, the rules of potty time. Puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia has specialized techniques that will have her doing it the right way in no time.

You’ll be so proud!

5. Physical Pain

Your puppy might be experiencing physical pain, which leaves her whining and crying throughout the entire day and night. When all else fails, take her to the Vet and get a complete checkup.

If there’s something physically wrong with her, it needs to be addressed immediately.

You’re Going to Love Your New Life Your New Puppy

Sure, you may be a bit frustrated now. But with a few Puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia, you’ll soon have the well-mannered puppy you were dreaming of.

Our puppy obedience training does the trick every time. We can help. Reach out to Mike through our online form to schedule a complimentary consultation.