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Mike Morrison is a US Army Disabled Veteran and is rated one of the best Dog Trainers in Virginia!

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Wag Ur Tail Dog Training

Mike Morrison

About Mike

Mike grew up with dogs and always had a passion to work with them. It wasn’t until Mike came back from his deployment to Iraq that he realized he was having some issues with PTSD. Like so many veterans Mike hated the way the medication made him feel. One of Mike’s fellow veterans had a service dog and he could see a difference in him with the dog around. Mike started doing his own research and found a program where Mike was the main one training the dog other than weekly classes. This was just what Mike needed. Mike met Jud and it was clear from the first moment they were meant for each other. Mike started training with Jud and through the hard work of them both they graduated as a team in about half the time it would normally take. Jud has been to the capitol, met with some of our nation’s leaders, been on baseball fields when Mike has thrown out first pitches, etc. Today thanks to Jud, Mike is living his dream of training dogs and is not on any medication for PTSD! Do you want your dog trained by someone with this type of dedication and perseverance? Call Mike Morrison today at 540-834-8353.


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Our Mission

To provide excellent dog training! I know that you love your dog and want the best for him. Well so do I. I give the utmost respect and care for your dog at ALL times.


Give back to the community.

Living my passion with training dogs every day.

Wag Ur Tail Dog Training doesn't train with shock collars
If you are like me, you don't agree with the idea of using shock treatment to make a dog learn obedience. The dog should love you enough to want to please your every command. That is what I believe and have had plenty of success using my techniques.