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About Wag Ur Tail Dog Training

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About Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison is a United States Army Veteran who served in Iraq. His time there eventually caused Mike to experience symptoms of PTSD that put his Army career to an end. During treatment, Mike saw that a fellow veteran was experiencing noticeable improvement with the help of a service dog. Mike had tried medication for PTSD, but he didn’t like the side effects, and he was curious to see if a service dog would be helpful to him.

Mike started doing research and was led to a program that allowed veterans to train their own service dogs. Mike had grown up with dogs and had always had a passion to work with them. The service-dog training program would facilitate healing from PTSD and allow him to achieve his dream of working with dogs on a full-time basis.

The next step was for Mike to find a dog to train, and when he and his black Lab, Jud, met for the first time, Mike knew he had found his match! Mike started training with Jud, and their teamwork and perseverance allowed them to graduate from the training program in about half the time it would normally have taken. Once Mike trained Jud, he decided he wanted to use what he had learned to help others train their dogs.

In his service to Mike, Jud has been to the capitol and met with some of our nation’s leaders and has joined Mike on the pitchers mound when Mike has thrown the first pitch at baseball games. Although Jud doesn’t accompany Mike on his training jobs, Jud does assist Mike when dogs attend Mike’s Board and Train program. Mike credits Jud both for helping him to realize his dream of training dogs and for helping Mike to live medication-free from PTSD!

If you want your dog trained by someone with this type of dedication and perseverance, please call Mike Morrison today at 540-324-3518.


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Our Trainers

TJ – Fredericksburg Trainer

TJ is a trainer in our Fredericksburg location. TJ has been training for several years now. He is amazing at what he does and has a never give up attitude. Customers often rave about how he goes above and beyond. TJ  is the perfect trainer for the family pet, but also specializes in helping rescues and under socialized dogs. In addition to his specialty areas, TJ is a certified in Pet CPR.

“Paul – Virginia Beach Trainer

Paul is our newest trainer at our new Virginia Beach location. Dogs are Paul’s passion and lifeblood. He is a firm believer that all dogs can be helped – no dog is too far gone. He loves to see the affect quality training can have and how behavioral issues can be fixed fairly easily with the correct training.

“Watching these animals transform is an amazing thing to witness and I strive for this with every animal I work with.” – Paul  

Paul is a hard worker and that brings over four years of experience as a professional dog trainer as well as an amazing attitute. We are very excited to have him on the team!

Topher – Pensacola Trainer

Topher spent five years as a military dog handler where he learned how to handle and train all types of dogs. He has since transitioned to helping families. Topher loves and thrives on training the ultimate family dog.

“No regrets, just lessons learned.” 

We are excited to have Topher on our team serving the Pensacola, Florida area with professional dog training.

If you consider your dog to have a behavioral issue, the best course of action is to call Wag Ur Tail Dog Training and let a professional, like Mike Morrison help you to identify and solve the problem.

Call Mike Morrison at (540) 324-3518

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About Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg Virginia
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About Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg Virginia
Veteran owned and operated, Wag Ur Tail has it's roots in training gentle-natured service dogs, but focus on helping you bond with a well behaved "fur baby"
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