German shepherd

  1. Age2 years
  2. SizeSmall
  3. BreedGerman shepard
  4. GenderMale
  5. Live with catsNo
  6. Home testedYes
  7. Child friendlyYes
  8. Reference19475638
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Just a few dog breeds I have successfully trained

All dogs have their own issues but I will be able overcome the challenge and get him/her trained and ready to please you. I work with all breeds at any age.
German shepherd
Pit Bull Terrier
Golden Retriever
Chocolate Lab

Wag Ur Tail Dog Training doesn't train with shock collars
If you are like me, you don't agree with the idea of using shock treatment to make a dog learn obedience. The dog should love you enough to want to please your every command. That is what I believe and have had plenty of success using my techniques.