Behavior Training

Behavior Training with Dog Trainers in Fredericksburg VA.

Dog trainers in Fredericksburg VA utilize behavior analysis to understand and modify the behavior of a dog.  The purpose could be for the dog to assist, undertake specific tasks, or  to integrate into a domestic environment.  When training to adjust to a domestic environment, a family home, often this consists of behavior training.

Behavior training is something that will come up for all dog owners. There are many dog behavior problems.  Here are some general ideas that can help you understand, diagnose and train dogs with behavioral problems.  Many behavior problems arise from lack of communication, or simply miscommunication between the owner and dog. The dog may not be aware of what is required from him/her.

A vast number puppy and dog behavioral problems stem from separation anxiety.  This can manifest itself as other behavioral issues.

Some common behavior issues:

Barking – it’s what dogs do.  Too much barking is a problem, though.  In order to correct, you must identify what your dog is saying.  The most common reasons are : warning, playing, anxiety or even boredom.

Chewing – again, all dogs do this to some degree.  It can become a behavior issue if they are destructive while doing it.  The most common reasons  are teething, boredom and anxiety.

Biting – Dogs bite for some obvious reasons, they are animals.  Puppies use biting as means for learning.  Owners need to show the dogs that biting is not okay.  When it becomes a behavioral issue (after puppy exploration) it is generally due to fear, defensiveness, pain or an expression of dominance.

Aggression – demonstrated by growling, snarling, showing teeth, lunging and biting. Any dog can become aggressive.  Usually, this behavior stems from dogs with abusive or violent histories.  The reasons behind this type of behavior are similar to that of biting, but it is a more serious problem.

Starting at a young age, introducing  proper obedience training (tas early as possible) is the best way to correct behavior issues.  This is also the best way to prevent future behavior problems.

Set boundaries, and stick to them, of what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior for your dog or dogs.  Make it as simple as possible.  Always be in control and make it clear that you are the leader in the relationship.

When dogs poor behavior is not corrected, many owners can’t or don’t want to deal with it.  This, unfortunately leads to many dogs ending up in animal shelters or even abandoned. Taking interest and making the effort to help your dog’s behavior issues is one of the best things you can do for your dog, not just yourself.

The training can begin with simple obedience training.  Teaching your dog to sit, come and stay can be the foundation necessary to head down the path of responsive behavior training for your dog.

Reap the Benefits of Dog Trainers in Fredericksburg Va.

If you are consistent and committed to training your dog properly, the results could bring you the relationship you want to have with your furry friend.  If you consistently apply the proper training techniques and add some commitment and patience, you are sure to achieve pleasing results with your dog.