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We love our fur-babies. They bring joy into our lives, and fill a space in our hearts we didn’t know was empty.

Part of owning a pet is the reality that our pooch needs to be taught to function in human society. Be it for puppies – with their love for wires, shoes or trash – or mature dogs who somewhere along the way developed fear or anxiety behaviors, behavioral modification can help. Pet training has long been a recommendation for new pet owners, or for pets who developed some less-than-desirable behavioral traits. The benefits of pet training far exceed the monetary investment, but not all pet training is equal.

Group dog training usually looks like a small group of anxious puppies awaiting instructions or a piece of jerky with a dog trainer, and are typically held once or twice a week at a set time. This structure can be demanding for an owner and stressful on the dog. While we know the value of proper training is beneficial for pups or adjusting behavioral issues, one-on-one dog training has been shown to have far more significant results in a shorter time.

big dog being trained

Why We’re Different

At Wag Ur Tail, take advantage of dog obedience training in Stafford Virginia from a trained professional in a unique setup. Our one-on-one boarding training offers a 2-week boarding training experience that specializes in one-on-one training with our beloved trainers in Fredericksburg, Va.

Your dog will spend authentic time with our trainer’s family. Your dog has access to the best dog training in Stafford. In addition to exposing your pup to other environments, he will learn new skills every day. We teach basic commands (sit, lay down, heel, come…) and others too. Dogs are also trained to curb behavioral antics like jumping, pulling on the leash, grabbing food, and running out the door.

Our boarding training incorporates a genuine love for obedience and practical training skills from an experienced dog trainer. Dogs are trained humanely and professionally, without the use of shock collars or unethical discipline. No dog is untrainable. Having two weeks to spend in a different environment with someone new may help your dog feel more relaxed and learn easier.

dog behaviorist telling dog to stay

Customized Dog Obedience Training in Stafford Virginia

Another advantage of our boarding training is that the trainer can customize your dog’s training. If there are certain behaviors like aggression, anxiety, or other problematic behaviors, the Wag Ur Tail team will focus more on those needs. The benefit of having one trainer and one dog to focus on is if one technique doesn’t work, they can try another. We have experience with different methods to produce the desired result.

Going on vacation? There’s another reason why to call up Wag Ur Tail, dog obedience training in Stafford, Virginia. Your dog has a safe, loving environment to stay while you’re away, and can pick up some new tricks! Dogs never stay in kennels at Wag Ur Tail. We believe in living by example, so your fur-friend develops the skills to roam freely without consequence. Dogs are always crated at night and when the owner is away, for the dog’s safety.

After two weeks of loving training, your dog’s confidence will have grown, as will your understanding of how to train your dog. Your pup will return home a new and improved member of the family! Our one-of-a-kind dog training in Stafford is sure to make you proud of him – young or old.

Our testimonials show why we’re the best dog obedience training in Stafford Virginia. We can’t wait to meet your dog. Give us a call for your free consultation today!