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Hiking With Your Dog – 5 Essential Safely Tips

Safely hiking with your dog is one of the better activities you and your dog can share. Exercising in a scent-rich environment engages a dog's mental acuity as much as their physical prowess. These outdoor adventures inevitably lead to encounters with wildlife. Before...

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Why Choose a “Board and Train” Dog Training Program?

People choose Board and Train programs when other options aren't a good fit, and they need more support. The number of solutions available for your dog's behavior issues may feel daunting. How do you choose the right one? Can you learn to train your dog yourself by...

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How to help your dog when they are frightened

For many dogs the sound of thunder or fireworks is terrifying. A dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than our own, and often times they will hear thunder long before we do. It is natural for them to fear loud noises, although not all of them do. We can be startled or...

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Benefits of Dog Training

In Fredericksburg and Virginia Beach we provide the best family dog training classes. There are so many benefits associated with expert dog training, but the key to success is knowledge and experience coupled with a true love of dogs, an understanding of the various...

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5 Benefits Of Our Private Dog Training Lessons

Have you had enough of your dog’s disobedient behavior? Maybe you have tried to put a stop to it by training your dog yourself, but you just don’t seem to get anywhere. And as time passes, the more frustrating and expensive your dog’s destructive behavior gets. Before...

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Dog Training in Virginia, Beach

We are growing and will now be in the Virginia Beach area! For many people, dog training can be a must if you have a furry best friend, and Virginia Beach is no exception. Meet Our Newest Dog Trainer, Paul! Paul is our newest trainer at our new Virginia Beach...

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What is my dog thinking?

Ever wonder what is going on inside your pup’s head? What are they thinking? Let’s explore some of the thought processes of man’s best friend. At Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, we know that understanding how your dog thinks is important to developing a stronger bond...

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Positive Training for Dogs

At Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, we utilize positive training. What does that mean exactly? Positive training simply means that you can train your dog without violence or anger or fear. It means rewards are used rather than punishments. Dogs don’t think like we do. They...

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Dogs love to eat and we love to feed them. Not always a good combination, but forever an enjoyable one for both parties. Every treat is like the first and best thing that has ever happened to them, and it never grows old no matter how many treats they consume....

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How to Make Your Dog Happy

If your dog seems unhappy, what can you do? First of all, make sure your dog is healthy and that you are feeding a quality dog food. Any dog that is ill or in pain or feeling bad in some way will be unhappy, just like us. Once you...

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When and How Often Should You Feed Your Dog

As you might expect, when and how often you should feed your dog depends on the dog. Your dog’s age, breed, weight, activity and health are all factors that help determine your dog’s needs. Metabolism and energy levels can vary up to thirty percent, so it can be a...

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A Dog Is A Friend For Life

Dogs want to please you and love you. It’s what they live for. With their sensitive noses, they smell everything, but their favorite smell is human. And the very best smell of all is their human. A well-trained dog will bring more joy, laughter, security and love into...

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Preparing Your Home For A New Puppy

So, you’ve recently gotten a puppy and you couldn’t be more in love with your new best friend. Your home, however, isn’t exactly puppy proof and you want to make some changes to keep your dog safe from harm. Believe it or not, knowing how to puppy proof your house...

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Should I Make My Dog’s Food?

Every one of us pet parents love our pet. At times most of us worry about their safety, their wellbeing and happiness, and their health. Making your own dog food can alleviate many health concerns. If they are eating good food, using homemade dog food recipes they...

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Online Dog Training Benefits 2020

Our Online Dog Training Classes & Community are great for people who want some help with their dogs, but don’t have the time or know-how to get to a class with professional dog trainer. Right now with social distancing and the time at home is the perfect time to start building a better bond with your dog and begin eradicating unwanted behaviors. We are offering our access to our online dog training learning platform and community at a HUGE discount.

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How to Introduce a Dog to a New Home

As hectic as the move is, be sure to take the time to shower your dog with lots and lots of extra love and attention. Spending some quality one-on-one time will help make you both feel better, and show your dog that this new home is a happy and safe place.

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Tips On How to Socialize Your Dog

Every dog owner has many good reasons for ensuring that their dog is socialized. Dog obedience training near Fredericksburg Va can be very helpful for dog owners who are interested in having a relaxed dog who is easy to keep groomed and who has good manners in every...

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Why is My Dog Whining?

If you're dealing with a whiny dog, you may be wondering if it's time to seek the services of a dog behaviorist near Fredericksburg VA. At Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, we provide dog training in Stafford VA and dog training in Spotsylvania VA, working to help our clients...

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Thumbtack Reviews

  The staff at Wag Ur Tail has been so friendly this far. I haven’t started my training sessions but I am looking forward to a more well behaved dog.

Amber F.

  Wag Ur Tail was prompt and professional with my complicated dog training needs. I appreciated the thoroughness of their questions and their ability to use multiple modalities to assure excellent and consistent dog training. Thank You!!!

Laura W.

  It was so helpful working with Mike for help with our Sasha. She progressed rapidly and very well with his assistance. All of his suggestions and directions helped to change our dogs guardedness and shyness and House, leash training very nicely and pretty rapidly. She is so much more fun when we can now do things confidently with her. Mike was patient , kind and very professional. It was a very positive experience for our pet as well as us. Thank you again Mike. I will keep you in mind when friends ask about Sasha’s good behaviors. I wouldn’t hesitate to make a referral.

Judy M.

If you consider your dog to have a behavioral issue, the best course of action is to contact us and let a professional, like Mike Morrison help you to identify and solve the problem.

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