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5 Big Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dog Trained

Getting a dog is an exciting time, but all the responsibilities new owners have can feel overwhelming, including whether to train your pet. We at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Stafford Virginia and Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg VA want to help you...

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Did You Get a New Puppy? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Puppies can bring a lot of love to our lives. There's nothing quite like coming home to see their excited faces running up to us. However, just like children, puppies require a bit of care and puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia to ensure they grow into...

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Games to Build Your Dog’s Confidence

Every dog has its own personality. Some are outgoing. Some are serious. Some are shy. Some tend to have social anxiety. Just like with kids, we can really help our canine partners out by working with them to build their self-confidence. That holds especially true if a...

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Great Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

Dog Obedience Training near Fredericksburg VA will tell every dog owner that exercise is a large portion of training. Young and older dogs alike require exercise to release pent up energy and give them the opportunity to do their business. Humans needs exercise, too....

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Top 10 Foods That Are Toxic for Your Dog

We love our dogs and it's easy to be tempted when they want whatever we are eating. But there are foods that may seem harmless to us that can actually make your pooch very sick or even die! Consider having your dog trained by professionals like the ones at Dog...

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5 Important Training Tips for Your New Puppy

Having a new puppy is an exciting time for a home. The new puppy brings a lot of love and laughter into a home. Puppies are also a lot of work. You may be surprised at just how hard training your puppy can be. However, there are ways to make it easier, like puppy...

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How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Adding a new puppy to your family can be rewarding, but also challenging. In fact, many people struggle with training their new puppy. One thing you can do to make the process easier is puppy proof your home. It's also not a bad idea to locate someone who specializes...

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Why Adopting an Older Dog Might Be Better for You

Most prospective pet adopters go into the process thinking they want a puppy or a young dog. But it’s important to remember that adopting an older dog is also an option, and it might actually be the better choice for you. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

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What NOT To Do When You Get a Puppy

When you adopt a puppy, your interaction and training can make a significant difference in his behavior as an adult. When a dog is confident, happy, and well-behaved, it's because their owner makes decisions that are best for his well-being. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training...

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

If you love taking trips with your dog, it's important to keep him safe in the car. Maybe your little guy is a little anxious on car trips or thinks he MUST ride in your lap (no, no, no), there are solutions to all the problems you face with your dog on road trips....

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How To Keep Kids Safe Around Dogs

The media likes to push the idea that nothing goes together better than dogs and kids, but the alarming number of dog bites inflicted on children every year suggests that this may be nothing but a myth. Parents like to post videos and pictures of their kids...

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My Dog Won’t Let Me Touch His Paws, What To Do?

The dog, man’s best friend, is our four-legged best buddy. We have to take great care of our dogs mentally and physically. So what are some reasons why your faithful pet won’t let you touch his or her paws, and what can we do to fix the issue? You might need to seek...

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5 Reasons Why Your New Puppy Won’t Stop Crying

You've got a new puppy and she won't stop whining and crying! This is absolutely nothing like you thought it would be when you adopted her sweet face. You imagined endless hours of love, cuddling, playing and a certain amount of peace and quiet while you sleep. The...

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4 Tips to Bathe Your Dog

When an untrained dog takes a bath, water may spill and splash everywhere. To prevent this, you'll have to control a dog's behavior, and the best way to accomplish this is by enrolling your pet in dog obedience school in Fredericksburg Virginia. If dog school sounds...

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My Dog Won’t Stop Jumping on People – What Do I Do?

When we provide dog obedience training in Stafford Virginia, we often have clients who struggle with jumping. To understand why dogs jump on people, you must understand how dogs communicate. When a dog first meets another dog, they perform something of a greeting...

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Simple Commands to Teach Your Dog

Are there basic commands that dog training in Stafford Virginia can help your pet learn so that the two of you can have a better relationship? The truth is, basic obedience training is key to developing a long and healthy relationship. Whether you're getting your dog...

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Leash Pulling and Your Dog’s Health

Preventing Leash Pulling Health Complications on your Dog You have seen the comics that show dogs walking their owners and you say to yourself that will never be you. However, then you go to talk your dog for a walk and you begin to get walked down the street. You...

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Benefits of Our 2 Week Board and Train Program

We love our fur-babies. They bring joy into our lives, and fill a space in our hearts we didn’t know was empty. Part of owning a pet is the reality that our pooch needs to be taught to function in human society. Be it for puppies - with their love for wires, shoes or...

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Thumbtack Reviews

  The staff at Wag Ur Tail has been so friendly this far. I haven’t started my training sessions but I am looking forward to a more well behaved dog.

Amber F.

  Wag Ur Tail was prompt and professional with my complicated dog training needs. I appreciated the thoroughness of their questions and their ability to use multiple modalities to assure excellent and consistent dog training. Thank You!!!

Laura W.

  It was so helpful working with Mike for help with our Sasha. She progressed rapidly and very well with his assistance. All of his suggestions and directions helped to change our dogs guardedness and shyness and House, leash training very nicely and pretty rapidly. She is so much more fun when we can now do things confidently with her. Mike was patient , kind and very professional. It was a very positive experience for our pet as well as us. Thank you again Mike. I will keep you in mind when friends ask about Sasha’s good behaviors. I wouldn’t hesitate to make a referral.

Judy M.

If you consider your dog to have a behavioral issue, the best course of action is to contact us and let a professional, like Mike Morrison help you to identify and solve the problem.

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