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Since humans first domesticated the canine, it has been up to us to teach them how to live with us peacefully. But, for many dog owners, life with their furry companion is anything but peaceful. Some pet behaviors, such as aggression and scavenging are obviously problematic. Others, like digging, barking at the front door, or sitting on the furniture, are subject to the owner’s discretion. With a little understanding and a few positive training techniques, you can make living with your dog more pleasant for both of you. The folks at Wag Ur Tail know that there are many options for dog training in Stafford VA, but regardless of who you choose, these are some of the most common doggy behaviors that all pet owners need to eliminate.

Rushing the guest

Many friendly dogs have a habit of rushing to greet visitors. They are happy to have company and want to greet them properly. Their wagging tails, exuberant jumping, licking and even happy barking may seem cute but it can be a real problem. Some people fail to curb this behavior in small breeds, but in larger breeds, this could be a real problem. To avoid injuring your guests, ruining or soiling clean clothes, or frightening people who may not be comfortable around dogs, its best to teach Fido to sit while visitors enter and greet them with four feet on the ground.

dog pulling on leash

Pulling on the leash

Walks should be enjoyable for both the pets and the owners. Nobody enjoys being dragged all over the road by their pet. It’s not only unpleasant, but it’s also dangerous. Pulling can cause injury to both the pet and the owner. Dogs that dart away from their owners are at risk for traffic accidents. However, it’s not uncommon to observe dogs pulling their owners down the street. One of the first things that dogs need to learn is how to walk on the leash. If you aren’t sure how to fix this problem, you may want to get a consultation. If you are looking for dog training in Stafford VA, Wag Ur Tail should be your first stop to get the help you need.


Chasing is normal and instinctual for all dogs. Some breeds, bred as working dogs, have a higher prey drive than others. It’s normal for dogs to want to chase other animals, people, bicycles, and even cars. The results can be devastating. There is no way to keep your pet from attempting to chase, there are techniques you can use to break off the chase or prevent it altogether. One of these techniques is training your dog to come when called. You see this technique used a lot with herding dogs. At Wag Ur Tail you can learn how to keep control of your dog on and off-leash and minimize chasing.

dog biting hand


There is a difference between biting and mouthing, but in many cases, the line is blurred. Puppies bite and nip as a way of exploring their environment and as part of normal play. As they grow up they learn how hard they can bite and who they can and cannot use their teeth on. Unfortunately, many dog owners allow this behavior to go on too long and playful nips become serious injuries. There are many other reasons why dogs may bite. Injury, illness, fear, and nervousness may drive your dog to use his teeth. Before you attribute biting to aggression, check with a professional. You can learn biting aversion techniques by any qualified professional offering dog training in Stafford VA.

It’s important to note that sudden changes in your pet’s behavior may be a sign of illness. If a friendly dog suddenly begins to be aggressive, or a housebroken dog begins to eliminate inappropriately your first stop should be at your vet’s office. These can be signs of illness or stress. Talking to a dog trainer or your vet can help you get to the bottom of the problem. Once you’ve eliminated the possibility of illness, it may be time to give Wag Ur Tail a call for dog training in Stafford VA.