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Hello readers! If you Google’d “does my dog need dog training classes?” then it is a good sign that your dog is in need of training. You have probably already noticed some signs that indicate that your dog is in need of some obedience school. But if you are still unsure, and want to make sure before you give us a call, we have compiled a list of signs that will help you identify whether or not your dog is in need of dog training classes.

While we always encourage to start dog training classes at an early age, your dog can be trained at any age. Take a look at these signs and if your dog is experiencing at least one of these, give us a call.

  1. Constant barking: Sure, dogs bark. But your dog should not be barking at all hours of the day. While it is their way of communication, we can teach them when it is appropriate to bark and when to stop.
  2. Jumping: While it might have been cute when your dog was a puppy, it is no longer cute. The jumping could result in injury if your dog is constantly jumping on people. Not only is it dangerous but it is also embarrassing. If your dog sheds or drools a lot, then no one will appreciate the jumping. Luckily with dog training classes, your dog can learn to stop.dog jumping on person
  3. Aggression: Whether it is towards other pets or you, aggression is a sign that dog owners should take seriously. Because it can escalate from nipping to biting.dog being aggressive
  4. Destructive: Is your dog chewing your furniture, shoes, and everything else in sight? While it is normal as a puppy, it should not get past that stage. We can help you curb this behavior. It will save you years of headaches and money.
  5. Ignoring: Does your dog just flat out ignore you? It’s kind of hard to tell your dog what to do if he doesn’t even listen to you.

Wag Ur Tail Dog Training provides dog training classes to Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford and the surrounding communities. If your dog is in need of dog training classes, give us a call at 540-834-8353. You can also check us out on Facebook.