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Dog Obedience Training near Fredericksburg VA

We provide dog obedience training to the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford areas.

When you see other people with their dogs, you understandably could feel envy creeping up on you. Many obedient dogs walk on or off a leash next to their owner. They never leave the owner’s side regardless of the squirrels, birds or other distractions that may entice them to jet away. Dogs may quickly and easily stop, sit, stay and perform other actions on command as well.

Dogs are highly trainable, but many people lack the time, energy or know-how required to improve obedience and compatibility skills. Dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA is the perfect solution. A closer look reveals the importance of professional dog obedience training through Wag Ur Tail.

A Comfortable Relationship with Your Furry Best Friend

Your dog likely will soon become one of your best friends, or you may already have an unbreakable bond. The two of you may prefer to be within each other’s presence as much as possible, but you may be inclined to remove the dog from the room when he is being punished or acting unruly.

Many behaviors can lead to the seeming need for physical separation. For example, the dog may bark uncontrollably, jump up on your guests while they are sitting on the couch and misbehave in other ways. An obedient dog would respond to commons such as sit, down, quiet and more. Your dog must be educated through dog obedience training near Spotsylvania VA in order for you and him to comfortably share the same living space.

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Why Dog Obedience Matters

Without dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA, your daily living experience with your pet can be frustrating and even stressful. However, the need for dog obedience training near Spotsylvania VA extends beyond this. Through obedience training, your dog can be stimulated physically and mentally. Many behavioral issues, such as chewing and barking, are related to boredom. Therefore, training could be an effective way to curb such unwanted behaviors.

In addition, dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA utilizes positive reinforcement. Your dog craves your attention. In many cases, a dog will seek negative attention when positive attention is not given. Negative actions, such as an owner scolding a naughty dog, may be reinforced if the dog is not obedient. On the other hand, when your pet learns how to obey commends and how to behave properly, your positive attention encourages him to continue to behave as desired.

When to Start Training Your Dog

Everyone has heard the cliché about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. If you have an older dog, you may be thrilled to learn that this cliché does not necessarily apply to canines. Dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA can begin as soon as the dog has received its full set of puppy shots. Dog socialization with other animals during the first four months of life is critical.

However, dog obedience training near Spotsylvania VA to learn essential commands and to improve unwanted behaviors can be completed at any age. You may have procrastinated on puppy training, and you may now have an adult dog. Perhaps you adopted your dog after the puppy phase has passed. Our professional team offers effective dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA for all dogs.

Common Obedience Training Challenges

Many people attempt to train their dog on their own before seeking professional dog obedience training near Spotsylvania VA. If you are included in this group, your efforts may have been thwarted by common dog training challenges. Some of these are:

  • Inability to keep environmental stimulation to a minimum
  • Inconsistent training sessions
  • The use of negative reinforcement

How to Overcome Dog Obedience Training Challenges

To see effective results from dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA, each of these challenges must be addressed. Dog training also requires the use of the right combination of tools and supplies, such as treats for positive reinforcement, a comfortable dog collar, a leash with a reasonable length and other equipment. More than that, you must employ proven and effective training strategies.

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How Wag Ur Tail Can Help

Even when you put forth your best effort to train your dog consistently, you may experience the frustration of seeing limited results. Your dog can sense your frustration, which can exacerbate the problem. The solution is to utilize professional dog obedience training near Spotsylvania. Wag Ur Tail is ready to step in and to help you train your dog to be obedient and responsive.

Several Effective Training Programs

At Wag Ur Tail, we provide several effective programs for dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA. One of these programs provides you and your dog with private lessons, which may be completed in your home or in our convenient location. These programs educate you about the effective strategies to apply regularly in between the training lessons. You can expect to see steady progress from these lessons.

Another option is to use our 2-week boarding program. With this program, your dog will live in our home for two weeks. During this time, he will receive regular training and will learn how to behave well in a home environment. This includes learning how to respond to common and essential commands, how to walk well on a leash and more. Because human education is a critical component to successful results, the boarding program includes lessons for you as well. We will teach you how to maintain and reinforce training that your pet has received in your own home environment.

Learn More About Dog Obedience Training at Wag Ur Tail

Wag Ur Tail is thrilled to be your preferred choice for exceptional dog obedience training near Fredericksburg VA. We are ready to tell you more about the obedience training programs available and to set up a consultation with you and your pet. Through a consultation, we can learn more about your pet’s needs and can set up a training program that produces the results that you need to see. Contact Wag Ur Tail today to learn more.

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Reviews from Wag Ur Tail Dog Training alumni speak for themselves:

We did a 6-session private lesson package, and even after one there was a major improvement! The lessons were straightforward and kept simple so that we knew exactly what to practice and keep an eye out for at home and when we worked with [our dog] in public.

Brittany Spangler

Mike has helped me not to be anxious and how to take control of my puppy. He answers emails right away and never tires of my questions . . . In the two lessons we have had so far, my puppy can go up and down stairs, comes when called (still a work in progress), will walk right with me off his leash, and stays when we are outside.

Leanne Southland

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