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Dogs are known as pack animals whose dominance’s rooted in their territorial instincts. In the wild, this behavior serves as a key to survival, but when it’s displayed in a domestic environment , it can develop into unwanted behaviors and dangerous aggression. Knowing the signs of dominant behavior gives dog owners the tools they need to work with their dog or get help through Dog Training Classes that’ll stop the behavior from progressing.

Common Signs of Dominant Behavior in Dogs

Dogs show dominance in a variety of ways, often leading to aggressive behaviors that could cause serious injuries to children or other pets. An important sign of dominant behavior in dogs involve aggression towards children and biting at the heels of children and other pets in an attempt to “herd” them. Any dog owner that notices aggressive behavior in their pet should seek our Dog Training in Fredericksburg to correct this behavior. Our Dog Training Classes offers training that can deal with aggressive behavior effectively and in a safe, controlled environment. Some other common signs of Dominant behavior include:

  • Guarding their owner from other dogs or people
  • Leash Pulling
  • Inappropriately mounting dogs or humans (seen in males and females)
  • Stealing attention from other dogs
  • Refusing to move off furniture
  • Demanding play by putting toys in their owners lap
  • Must walk in front of other dogs or owner while on a leash
  • Constant licking

dog pulling on leash
Another important sign of dominant behavior is the refusal to listen to their owners commands and respond by growling, jumping, barking, nipping, or other inappropriate behavior. Additionally, they commonly have a high level of food and toy aggression, also known as guarding. Causing them to growl, bite, or nip at other animals, children, or their owners when they get to close to the items they’re guarding.

What Cause Dominant Behavior in Some Dogs

Despite speculation, dominant behavior is not a normal personality trait in any breed of dog. There’s several reasons why a dog displays dominant behavior, none of which, owners should consider as “okay” or “normal”. In many cases, pet owners unknowingly create the behavior by failing to discipline them when they first show signs of dominant behavior towards children or other animals. By failing to discipline them, their behavior gradually escalates. Other causes for dominant behavior include:

  • Lack of socialization with other animals
  • Lack of proper training
  • Environmental Factors

Another important reason dogs display dominant behavior is in response to an underlying health condition. Underlying health conditions can cause a dog to have hormonal or mood imbalances and poor eyesight or hearing. These conditions can cause a dog to displaying dominant behavior such as biting, growling, and barking in respond to the pain and irritability these conditions cause.

What Breed Of Dog is Prone To Dominant Behavior

Dominate behavior can occur in any breed of dog and it can occur in both males and females, though it’s more common in males. In most cases, dominant behavior occurs when a dog has reached maturity, somewhere between one and three years old. However, it’s not uncommon for dominant behavior to occur in older dogs or puppies. It’s important to note that dominant behavior displayed by puppies proves easier to correct then older dogs if the owner applies proper disciplining techniques and gets the puppy in Dog Training Classes.

two dogs fighting

How to Correct Dominant Behavior

Treatment for a dog who shows dominant behavior depends on several factors. Every pet owner should have their dog examined by a veterinarian, to determine if they suffer from any underlying health conditions. The veterinarian will treat any health conditions to see if it improves their overall behavior. In some cases, by correcting medical issues and combining it with Dog Training Classes, the behavior’s easier to correct.

For dogs who do not have an underlying health condition, dog obedience training and proper training guidelines for the owners to follow at home, offers an effective solution. We offer Dog Training in Fredericksburg that not only corrects dominant behavior, but it helps pet owners bond with their pet and learn new techniques to keep the behavior at bay.

If you’re a pet owner whose having problems with dominant behavior, we can help. Mike, our experienced trainer will retrain your dog through our dog obedience training program. Curbing aggressive, dominant behavior and teaching dog owners the appropriate response to give, if the behavior returns. Call Wag Ur Tail Dog Training at 540-834-8353 to schedule dog training classes!