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Every dog has its own personality. Some are outgoing. Some are serious. Some are shy. Some tend to have social anxiety. Just like with kids, we can really help our canine partners out by working with them to build their self-confidence. That holds especially true if a dog tends to have trouble adjusting to new situations, isn’t comfortable in new situations, or shows signs of problems like separation anxiety. Find a dog behaviorist near Fredericksburg VA to work through these troubles.

Not just any games will do, though. Mindlessly chasing the ball won’t do much to exercise a pet’s mental abilities or build confidence. As a dog behaviorist near Fredericksburg VA, Wag Ur Tail Dog Training can help dogs learn how to play with their owners in ways that are constructive and meant to build them up.

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Structure is Security

Dogs feel more secure when they have structure in their life. They need to feel like someone is in charge and can call the shots when a sketchy situation arises. If they don’t believe that someone is their owner, a dog will step up to the podium, themselves. That puts them into a situation in which they become stressed out, exacerbating negative behaviors.

With local facilities, one can find dog training in Spotsylvania VA and dog training in Stafford VA with obedience classes that teach a dog the secure predictability of learning a skill, doing it, getting rewarded, and praised. That may seem small, but the consistency can do wonders for a dog’s confidence.

Obedience class may seem like work, but when skills are taught with positivity, they can be very much a game to your dog – especially when treats are involved! Wag Ur Tail offers dog behaviorists near Fredericksburg VA who can give a dog a leg up when they need it.

Target Practice

Targeting is teaching a dog to touch an object, usually with their nose, and rewarding them for it. Once learned, it can be used for all sorts of games that encourage a dog to explore the environment around them. It can even be used to teach a dog to turn the lights off and on. Where it really comes in handy is to coax a fearful dog to reach out and touch an object or person they would normally try to avoid. When done slowly and in small increments, it can really teach them that the world around them is okay!

We offer opportunities for dog training in Spotsylvania VA as well as dog training in Stafford VA and trainers are able to work dogs and handlers through this basic exercise.

dog running with ball

Exit, Stage Left

Handlers can’t always control scary stimuli that may be too much for a worried dog. Teaching a dog to “run away” in a fun and controlled way can help to get them out of trouble before it has a chance to trigger their own flight response.

Dogs are taught to turn and run with their owner in a safe, comfortable environment when they’re not afraid of something. It results in a fun romp with their handler and an exhilarating game of tug or a favorite play activity. Then it can be used as an exit strategy to get away from potential trouble before a dog goes into panic mode. He just thinks he’s playing one of his favorite games while also moving away from a scary thing.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of games that can be taught to elevate confidence in a dog that’s less than forward. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training is a dog behaviorist near Fredericksburg VA that offers a variety of services geared towards building a dog’s confidence. Services include obedience classes, behavioral consultation, and board-and-train opportunities.