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As a dog owner, you have to make many decisions about your dog’s life. From the vet they need to visit to the food they eat, you probably spend a lot of time researching the best options. One of those decisions is deciding if you want to buy and then USE a dog crate. Not all dog owners have crates for their dogs, and that’s okay. You decide what better suits your situation.

But we do believe that dog crates can be very beneficial to your dog and yourself. Whether your dog is a well-behaved dog or a dog with a lot of behavioral problems, a dog crate is a good thing to have.

chihuahua relaxing in dog crate

Why should you have a dog crate?
  • It gives your dog some privacy. Sure your dog might not need a whole room, but a little space where it can go and lay down without another pet or human bothering them is a good thing to have.
  • It will prevent a destructive habit. Your dog won’t have the opportunity to roam around when you are away which will prevent it from destroying your things. This will save you the headache and a lot of money.
  • It creates a safe space for a sick or injured dog. Leaving your dog in its crate while injured is way safer than letting it walk around the house unsupervised.
  • You have a place to put them when you travel. You can keep your dog in its crate while you drive- this will prevent dangerous distractions.dog in dog crate in car
  • You have a place to put them when guests arrive. If you have a dog that attacks strangers and don’t have a room to spare, the dog crate is the perfect place to leave your dog in.

Like we said, only you know if your dog needs a crate. But if you buy a crate, you don’t have to crate your dog every day, but it’s something good to have at home. You can also use our discount code WAGURTAIL10 for 10% off your next dog crate with Impact Dog Crates.

We can also lend you a hand if you have an unruly dog that is destroying your home and can’t seem to listen to you. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training provides dog training classes for the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford area. Give us a call at (540) 834-8353 to talk about our dog training services.