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Do you have a puppy or a dog in need of expert training? Maybe your dog runs away instead of coming toward you when you call it. Or, perhaps your dog barks at every person who passes on the sidewalk outside your home. Regardless of the issue, it’s important to choose the right dog training classes for your canine friend. One excellent option is to go with Wag Ur Tail to board and train in Stafford, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania. The dog obedience training we provide at Wag Ur Tail can benefit you and your dog in many ways. Discover just a few of those benefits.

Individualized Attention from an Expert Trainer

One of the most notable benefits of our dog training classes is the individualized attention. Our expert trainers have years of experience and knowledge regarding all types of dogs and their behaviors. Your dog has unique training needs. So, we tailors training to address the unique needs of your dog. That way, everything you want your dog to learn is covered in its daily lessons.

Consistent Training in a Home Environment

Another reason to board and train in Stafford, Fredericksburg or Spotsylvania with Wag Ur Tail is that the training is done in a home environment. Your dog learns how to behave properly in our trainer’s home, so it will do the same in yours. The lessons taught to your dog are more easily transferred when the dog returns to your home after two weeks.

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Learn How to Properly Handle Your Dog

Wag Ur Tail does more than just train your dog and correct poor behaviors. We show you how to properly work with your dog, so it knows how to behave while around you. We will demonstrate what to do if you want the dog to sit, stay, come, etc. So, you have the tools and knowledge you need to benefit from training.

Get Regular Updates on Your Dog’s Progress

Naturally, during your dog’s two-week board and train in Stafford, Fredericksburg or Spotsylvania, you’ll want to know how the lessons are going. Our trainers give regular updates to the owners of the dog they are working with. So, you know when a poor behavior has been eliminated or a new skill has been learned. Of course, you’ll find out how your dog is adapting to life in the trainer’s home with their family.

Receive Valuable Advice and Get Your Questions Answered

Not only do you and your dog benefit from obedience training, you also have the chance to ask questions. Perhaps you’re thinking about adding another dog to your household. You can get the trainer’s take on whether that would be a good idea considering the temperament of your dog. Or, maybe you want to know more about the breed of dog you own and its habits, we can help you out with that, too. While you board and train in Stafford, Fredericksburg or Spotsylvania you have access to expertise regarding your dog.

So, whether you have an older dog that requires refresher dog training lessons or a new puppy that needs to start with the basics, Wag Ur Tail has that and everything in-between. Contact Wag Ur Tail today to sign up your pup for professional dog training classes. Give your dog the chance to become a more welcome member of your household.