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If your dog seems unhappy, what can you do? First of all, make sure your dog is healthy and that you are feeding a quality dog food. Any dog that is ill or in pain or feeling bad in some way will be unhappy, just like us. Once you have established that your dog is healthy, then make sure they have shade (if outside) and plenty of cold water.
Like us, they need attention and love. Talk to them. While they don’t understand the language, they do understand your tone of voice and that you are paying special attention to them. All of us lead busy lives and perhaps have limited time to spend with our friend, but you can talk to them in a gentle tone while you prepare dinner or put on a load of laundry. Also, be quick with verbal praise. They appreciate it very much, and it makes them happy.
Dogs love to go for walks. They love activity, which can vary greatly depending upon breed and age. They love to see the world, so even if you can’t be home with them leave a window shade at least partially open so they can watch the world go by until you return.
When you are resting or watching television, snuggle with them. Your attention is what they crave. They love routines, too, so if possible make this an everyday event for them. Maybe give them a new treat or a new toy once in a while, too.
If your dog likes water, why not get him a kiddie pool all his own and a few water toys and let him splash around. It’s perfect for summer.
Mostly your dog wants your love and attention. Pet him, hug him if he permits it, play with him, talk to him, take him for a ride in the car if he enjoys that. Include him in as many activities as you can. Socialize him so that he may feel secure around other dogs and people. By training him you are broadening his world and making it more interesting and fascinating for him. He waits for you whenever you leave and is overjoyed when you return. So thank him for that devotion by doing all you can to make him happy. It will make you happy, as well.