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Moving into a new home is a super-stressful event, not just for humans but for dogs too! New rooms, new smells, a new yard, and even new neighbors! Introducing your dog to a new home can be exciting – but also overwhelming. Since your pup can’t vent about how stressful the move is, here are a few tips to help make this transition easier on your dog!

board and train

Pack up gradually

Take your time packing and remain calm while doing so. Whether you are gathering your packing materials or organizing your moving boxes, there is a lot to get done. However, your dog can pick up on your emotions and start to feel just as stressed as you. Try to stay organized and collected so that you can help your dog feel more at ease during this transition.

Find a new vet

Unless your new home is still in the neighborhood, it is time to find a new vet for your dog. Start with what you know and ask your current vet if they have any recommendations. You can also check with your new employer and see if their HR department has any type of referral services. Strive to find a vet who is open 24/7, but if that isn’t an option, see out an emergency vet as a back up. Don’t forget to add the vet’s phone number and address to your phone!

Get new collar tags before you move

Being in a new area may cause your dog anxiety and that leads to behaviors you have never seen. Even though your dog may be good about not leaving your current home, they may try and run away during the first few days of being at the new house. So many new smells and sounds, if they run, they may not easily find their way back. Be sure to update your dog’s ID tags before you move, that way your neighbors know where to return your furry friend.

Bring your dog along to meet your neighbors

As you explore your new neighborhood, take your dog with you! This will allow them to familiarize themselves with the new area and smells as you move throughout the new streets. You can also find out what neighbors have dogs what want to meet yours. Better still, if your dogs hit it off then both of you have new friends!

Have patience with your dog

Most of all, be patient with your dog. Moving is hard and it will take time to settle in. No matter how long it takes for your dog to adjust, patience will help speed up the process. If you find yourself in need of support or assistance, try in-home training lessons to perk up your dog and help you both settle in.

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