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How many times have you called your dog and he/she does not come to you? Whether it has happened only a couple of times or it is an everyday occurrence at your home, this can be very annoying and even embarrassing. Thankfully, this lack of response from your dog is something that Wag Ur Tail Dog Training can fix with some dog training classes. But what causes this behavior or lack thereof?

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Reasons Why Your Dog Does Not Come When Called

So the reason why your dog is not coming could be due to a variety of reasons, and it helps to identify the problem so we can provide you with the right dog training classes.

  • Your dog might not know the command. We know this sounds kind of silly, but have you ever thought about the fact that your dog might not know what “come” or “come here” means? Did you ever teach that command to your dog? And did you teach him/her the command the right way? This can be fixed with some dog training classes; we can teach your dog to understand what “come” means.
  • You are not reinforcing the command the right way. This goes back to teaching your dog the command but in the right way. When your dog comes, you are supposed to reward him/her. Positive reinforcement is key when teaching your dog commands. If you don’t, then your dog has no reason to come to you. Although you don’t have to provide a treat every time, you have to do it when you first begin teaching the command. This is part of our dog training classes 101!
  • Your attitude counts. If you have made a habit of calling your dog when you are upset, your dog might be afraid to come to you even when you’re not. By associating a negative emotion or tone with the command, it becomes something your dog won’t want to do.
  • Don’t call your dog to do things he/she doesn’t want to do. Call your dog for a walk, treat, a cuddle session or when you are outside. But when you call your dog for activities that he/she doesn’t like such as taking a bath or going to the vet, she won’t follow the command. If you need to do these things, just pick him/her up instead of calling.

We hope these reasons help you identify the problem of why your dog is not coming when called. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training can provide dog training classes, so your dog learns to follow this simple command. If you are interested in dog training classes, call Wag Ur Tail Dog Training at (540) 834-8353. You can also like our Facebook page!

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