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Private Lessons: Dog Training in Northern VA

If you have a dog, you should consider dog training in Northern, VA. Man (or woman’s) best friend. Little compares to the bond an owner has with their dog. Often the dog and their master need help to communicate. Proper training promotes a long, happy and safe relationship with your dog. The training also creates a foundation to help your dog to be fit, alert, and happy. That is where dog training comes into play.

Essentially, dog training is teaching your dog to respond to commands, or modifying certain behaviors. It can be defined as the changing of a dog’s behavior.

People have been training dogs as far back as 127 B.C. Initially, training was primarily for herding livestock. As time has passed and the understanding of how dogs think has evolved, so has the way we train them. Dog training can include different types of training: obedience, law enforcement, hunting, assistance for those with special needs and search and rescue.

A dog learns from interactions it has with its environment. There are several different ways that a dog can learn:

Classical conditioning: forming an association between stimuli

Non associative learning: behavior modification where the modification occurs when a dog becomes used to a sound or stimuli (habituation); or using sensitization where the dog is scared of specific stimuli and repeated exposure desensitizes the animal to it.

Operant conditioning: using consequences to influence and change behavior.

There are a many proven methods of animals training, each with supporters and opposes. They include: motivational training, electronic training, clicker training, and relationship based training.

Private dog training lessons, could involve the trainer coming to your home or could be conducted at the trainer’s place of business. The first session will give you and your dog an opportunity to meet the trainer. It will also be informative for the trainer. He or she will assess your dog to evaluate the needs and approaches that will be beneficial moving forward. The trainer can determine a course of action as well as short and long term goals. This type of training could be beneficial for dogs who require more attention or that may have unique training requirements like anxiety or hyperactivity.

Unique training programs for dogs also include service dogs. This type of specialized training is best in a one on one environment. The path to training one of the many different types of service dogs is a long, difficult and expensive one. The trainers of these specific programs hold licenses and certifications. Very few dogs are able to complete the programs.

Research Dog training in Northern VA

There are a lot of different ways a dog learns and can be trained. Research and find the program and trainer that are right for you. Often, those who offer dog training may provide a consultation or introductory session to help you decide what style is right for you and your dog. Unless you are a dog trainer yourself, you should look into dog training in Northern VA.