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Dog Training in Fredericksburg Virginia

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Dog Training Classes in Stafford & Spotsylvania

*We offer both private lessons and in-home private lessons.

At Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, Mike Morrison offers customized, private training sessions that allow him to determine the needs of the dog owner(s), assess the behavior of the dog, and then train the dog to live cooperatively with its humans. Mike’s experience and confidence enable him to quickly establish a trusting relationship with each dog he trains and begin immediately to reinforce positive behaviors while assessing the negative behaviors that will need to be extinguished.

Since no two dogs are alike, and no two owners need the same type of training for their dog(s), Mike does not use a “one-size fits-all training approach,” like shock collars, also known as e-collars. Other trainers may depend on the use of shock collars, but Mike prefers to use more humane methods that produce solid results. He incorporates a variety of training protocols to meet the needs of the individuals he is working with.

Another way Mike customizes his program is that he will show owner(s) how to train with their dog and get the same results he gets, building owner confidence as well as lasting results in the dog. Mike’s goal is for dog owners to be able to rely on themselves to train and maintain their dogs rather than having to rely on a trainer when their dog needs to learn something new.

Mike will schedule training with you and your dog(s) weekly for one-hour sessions. Then throughout the week, you will practice with your dog and meet again with Mike to either improve on that training or move to the next step. These training sessions are available in several packages and in various locations from Fredericksburg to Culpeper.  To schedule and customize a training plan for your individual situation, please contact Mike Morrison at (540) 834-8353. You can also connect with Mike on Facebook on his Wag Ur Tail Dog Training page.

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Reviews from Wag Ur Tail Dog Training alumni speak for themselves:

We did a 6-session private lesson package, and even after one there was a major improvement! The lessons were straightforward and kept simple so that we knew exactly what to practice and keep an eye out for at home and when we worked with [our dog] in public.

Brittany Spangler

Mike has helped me not to be anxious and how to take control of my puppy. He answers emails right away and never tires of my questions . . . In the two lessons we have had so far, my puppy can go up and down stairs, comes when called (still a work in progress), will walk right with me off his leash, and stays when we are outside.

Leanne Southland

To schedule and customize a training plan for your individual situation
Call Mike Morrison at (540) 834-8353

You can also connect with Wag Ur Tail on Facebook