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Are there basic commands that dog training in Stafford Virginia can help your pet learn so that the two of you can have a better relationship? The truth is, basic obedience training is key to developing a long and healthy relationship. Whether you’re getting your dog training in Stafford Virginia or you’re receiving dog training in Fredericksburg VA, it’s imperative that you bring your pet to some initial obedience classes and then begin building from what you learn there.

Basic Commands You and Your Dog Can Learn

One of the most important things to remember when you’re going through dog training in Stafford Virginia is that both you and your pet have to go through the training together. In reality, these training classes are designed to teach you just as much as they are to teach her. Ultimately, you want her to be able to follow those commands that the two of you will learn on a consistent basis. That being said, the classes are also designed to teach you how to properly give those commands. You’ll also learn how your overall attitude and demeanor affect your dog as well as learning how to use body language to your advantage.

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Your Dog Can Feel Your Energy

When you go through dog training in Fredericksburg VA, you will quickly learn that your dog is able to sense the way you’re feeling at any given moment. That’s why so many people who don’t bring their dogs to dog training eventually give up on teaching their pet basic commands. When you get frustrated, your dog becomes equally frustrated. She follows your lead, so if you feel like you’re about to lose your temper, she senses that and automatically becomes agitated because she knows that something is wrong. Furthermore, she may sense that she is the reason for your frustration, yet she doesn’t understand what she’s doing that is frustrating you. Going through proper dog training in Stafford Virginia can help to eliminate these problems before they get out of control. In other words, we teach both you and your pet how to communicate with each other effectively.

Understanding Some Basic Commands

When you and your pet attend our dog training in Stafford Virginia, you will learn basic commands like “sit,” “stay” and “down.” This will help your dog understand when to sit down and stay at a safe distance from potential danger, as well as teaching her not to jump on people or objects. You and your dog will also learn how to walk properly with a leash. One of the most important commands that the two of you will work on is the “leave it” command, something that can prove invaluable in keeping your dog safe. Any time that she gets near a potentially dangerous object, you will be able to give her this command and expect her to leave that object alone, no matter how big the temptation is to do otherwise.

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Putting it All Together

Before you know it, you will realize that by attending our training classes, you and your pet can learn how to communicate better. This accomplishes a number of things. First and foremost, it allows her to go more places with you because she’s better behaved and less likely to get injured, lost, or cause a scene around strangers. It also means that the two of you have the opportunity to create a much deeper bond as you attend our classes and then work on what you have learned from one week to the next. It gives you an opportunity to spend time together while doing something constructive. Most dogs love having something to do, especially when they know that it pleases their person. Therefore, bringing your dog to one of our classes is a situation that benefits both you and your pet.

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