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Ever wonder what is going on inside your pup’s head? What are they thinking? Let’s explore some of the thought processes of man’s best friend. At Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, we know that understanding how your dog thinks is important to developing a stronger bond between you and your dog.
Dogs love to bark.
For some pet parents, it is a problem and one that is hard to control. Dogs bark for one really simple reason: it makes things happen. They get a reaction of some kind. In a dog’s mind, if a stranger is walking past your house, they bark and the stranger leaves, so the barking was successful even though, to you and me, the stranger was leaving anyway.
MRIs of the canine brain suggest that dogs are capable of experiencing positive emotions much like human children. The sight of a familiar person seems to prompt pleasant feelings, which is no surprise to pet parents.
Dogs dream.
We all have seen our dog twitch or jerk and offer subdued barks or whines. Their sleep patterns are similar to humans and they often dream of chasing animals or playing at the dog park or in the yard. Small breeds seem to dream more frequently than larger ones, and most canine dreams appear to be happy ones.
They are thought to be as smart as a toddler, about like a two-year-old human child. Vocal tones they understand very well, from pleasant to fearful. They can learn to count and understand a good amount of words, along with devising tricks to play on humans or other animals. I have a dog who fakes a threat at the window so her sister will get down off my lap and she can occupy the spot.
Dogs experience jealousy.
Those who have more than one dog are quite familiar with this. They have emotions, but jealousy is a more complex emotion than happiness, sadness, or fear. They don’t seem to exhibit too much jealousy over the size of a treat, but it is intense if another dog gets a reward and they don’t.
Dogs need a balance of affection, attention and discipline in order to feel secure and happy. Training is a benefit in all aspects of a dog’s life. Dogs that are walked are better dogs and are more likely to be adopted from a shelter. And walking a dog is a pleasure if the dog is trained. And your dog will very likely pick up some material along the way for pleasant dreams when he takes his afternoon nap.