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When you adopt a puppy, your interaction and training can make a significant difference in his behavior as an adult. When a dog is confident, happy, and well-behaved, it’s because their owner makes decisions that are best for his well-being. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training provides customized private training sessions to achieve that goal.

A puppy’s owner must establish a balance, so he learns appropriate behavior during early development. A pet parent should be affectionate but not over-indulgent. The puppy should have a safe environment in which to play and get exercise, which allows his unique personality to develop.

Your puppy should be exposed to positive influences during the developmental stage. Since puppies are all different, our professional trainers customize training sessions by addressing negative behavior and reinforcing positive behavior. Our programs are customized, so owners build confidence when working with their dogs. Our trainers teach owners the “do’s and don’ts” of dog training. Here are some things to avoid.

Don’t Change Rules

Decide which rooms in your home and which furniture will be out-of-bounds to your puppy and be consistent, or he’ll get confused. A dog can’t be scolded for jumping on the furniture then be allowed on it the next day. Our training methods show owners how to get consistent results.

puppy with all the toys

Don’t Raise Your Voice Or Use Punishment

Punishment or raising your voice to your puppy for misbehaving doesn’t accomplish anything except cause the dog to be stressed or fearful. The only discipline that should ever be used is decisive and direct, like a remote device.

Don’t Have An Unsafe Environment

Make sure to keep lids on trash cans. Keep toxic chemicals like pesticides in secure places where the puppy can’t reach them. Keep medicines in a cabinet rather than on a nightstand. A lot of human food is toxic to pets. Keep all food where the puppy can’t reach it. Pet foods that are approved by AAFCO are the best choice.

Don’t Substitute Attention For Training

All dogs deserve a lot of love and attention, but this shouldn’t be a substitute for training. When a puppy goes through the nipping stage, a sharp “ouch” or “no bite” is the best solution.

puppy laying on a bed of treats

Don’t Offer Too Many Treats

Some owners give their puppy treats when they whine or beg. However, treats shouldn’t be a substitute for balanced meals that provide the nutrition puppies need. Treats as rewards should be used along with puppy obedience training.

Don’t Isolate Your Puppy

Some veterinarians tell dog owners to keep their puppy isolated until they’ve had all their vaccinations. However, socialization at a young age is vital to a puppy’s development. Your veterinarian can advise you about socialization. Inviting friends into your home to meet the puppy is an excellent way to socialize him.

Don’t Use A Crate For Extended Periods

A crate is an excellent training aid if it’s used correctly. However, don’t ever confine a puppy in a crate for hours on end. Fifteen or twenty minutes between potty breaks are okay. A crate is beneficial when a soft blanket or comfortable bed is inside. The puppy sees the crate as his den, where he can relax.

Don’t Expect Too Much From Your Puppy

It’s one thing to have standards about how you want your puppy to behave, but he can’t do what he doesn’t understand or isn’t physically capable of doing. For example, a puppy can hold urine for a shorter period than an adult dog before he needs to be taken outside. More frequent breaks can avoid accidents.

You can’t call your puppy from across the yard and expect him to come to you if you haven’t worked on this skill. Puppy obedience training with our professional trainers can help teach him basic commands.

Don’t Neglect Training

Some dogs will develop behavior problems that cause stress for the dog and its family. We assess the dog’s lifestyle and interaction with the owner(s). Our trainers form a bond with the dog and teach new, positive behaviors to replace the destructive ones.

One of the essential tips, when you have a new puppy, is not to neglect training. Dog owners in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford should take advantage of Wag Ur Tail puppy training classes in Stafford VA. We offer dog training and behavioral consulting.

Board and train for two weeks is our solution for owners who want intensive puppy training classes in Stafford VA and surrounding areas. Contact us at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training to explore our training options. We look forward to meeting you and your dog.