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We know that exercise helps humans stay healthy and fit. The same can be said for your furry friends. While your dog can do his business and play around in the backyard, it is not the same as exercising. Whether it be taking your dog for a walk or letting him tag along when you exercise, your dog gets numerous health benefits from exercising.

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Benefits of Exercise Include:

Health: It keeps your dog in shape and healthy. The exercise will help in reducing diseases like heart disease and will keep your pet agile.

Digestion: Exercise helps your dog to relieve constipation.

Relationship: Taking your dog out regularly for walks will help build your relationship. It will strengthen your bond and relationship.

Confidence and Trust: If you have a shy dog, taking it out for walks will help build his confidence and trust because he will encounter other dogs and people. Your dog will learn to be more comfortable around other pets and people.

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Exercise will also help with your dog’s behavior

Keeping your dog active will help in reducing hyperactivity and unruliness. Taking your dog out for walks will keep him from bouncing off the walls by tiring him out. This also applies to annoying behavior like jumping on people or knocking down items in your home. The exercise will help release all the energy. The walks will keep your pet busy and entertained, and he won’t have to resort to chewing or digging to cure his boredom.

Exercise provides both physical and mental benefits. And while it can help in reducing your dog’s bad behavior, it is not a cure for all. If your dog is exhibiting warning signs or is uncontrollable, you can call Wag Ur Tail Dog Training at (540) 834-8353. We provide dog training classes in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford. You can choose from either our 2-week board and train program or our private lessons. All dog training classes are customized to your dog’s needs.