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Dog Training: Be Consistent!

Dog training can be life-changing for both dogs and their owners. Our canine friends can be a little difficult to train and discipline—especially during those early puppy months—and the levels of difficulty vary from breed to breed. A lot of owners look to dog training classes to help supplement the training their dogs get at home; housebreaking, leash training, and dog obedience training are all popular programs. But just like any job training or training programs for us humans, the effectiveness of the classes are at their highest when they are completed all the way through; dogs love consistency and need concepts to be reinforced in order for them to be remembered! Lucky for you, we offer dog training in Fredericksburg to fit just what your dog needs.

dog waiting for treat

We Get It, Dogs Can Make It Tough

As dog-lovers ourselves, we totally understand the hectic environment that a dog can create. We have all been in the “sorry I’m late, I had to chase down my pup before I left the house” situations, or have cleaned our kitchens only to find that a curious nose has gone exploring in the trashcan—and spread it all over the kitchen floor! These types of behaviors and situations can be disciplined away with dog obedience training, but it’s not a one stop fix. Dogs will usually show some sort of reaction to dog training classes, but these results will only prove temporary at best without further reinforcement. Wag Ur Tail offers a variety of dog training in Fredericksburg, including four and six class programs and even a two week boarding and training program. The multiple classes broken down over a number of weeks serve as refresher lessons to help reinforce the good behavior that they train hard to learn during class. While we understand that a dog or puppy can make appointments and hard times even harder to get to on time, we can not stress the importance of coming back for your next lesson!

Your Dog is Like Your Child: It’s Important They Finish All Their Schoolwork!

In the same way that your kid needs Algebra before starting pre-calculus, your pup needs to learn the building blocks before getting into the more advanced concepts of being a superb dog. What Wag Ur Tail understands this, and creates personalized programs to fit your dog’s needs. By reinforcing positive behaviors and addressing negative ones, we will give your dog a baseline for what they should expect when acting in certain ways. This is not a concept that can be taught in one lesson, which is why it is important to follow up with the rest of their program. And because each breed and age puppy is unique, we offer dog training in Fredericksburg for every dog out there!

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Patience is Key!

Wag Ur Tail works with dogs 24/7; we understand what it takes to give your dog the care and attention they deserve. Doing so requires a lot of patience, and as dog owners we must have the same with our pets! Dogs require a lot of patience to own and their training can take a good bit a work. Lucky for us, we love training dogs! Let us fit a program for your pup, while you enjoy the better home life with your disciplined pet. All that we ask is that you stay consistent with your training for your sake and your dogs! You will be absolutely thrilled with the difference in your dog’s behavior after a few weeks of sessions.

Wag Ur Tail offers dog training in the Fredericksburg area and are excited to start working with your furry friend. Give us a call today! (540)-834-8353