Dog Training Stafford Va

Dog Training Stafford Va

Top Reasons to Hire Wag Ur Tail For Dog Training in Stafford, VA:

– Top on the list of reasons why locals love Wag Ur Tail is that clients who bring their dogs in for training get results. If you’re having a problem with your dog’s behavior, you can have confidence knowing that Wag Ur Tail can help. There are three services offered to ensure your dog gets the right type of training: Private Lessons, Behavior Training, and 2-Week Board & Train. Owner, Mike Morrison, can ensure you get the results you have in mind when you call Wag Ur Tail at 540-834-8353.

– Wag Ur Tail is US Army Veteran Owned and Operated! Support one of our country’s veterans on your road to changing your dog’s behavior. Today, all too often, American citizens looking for products and services are quick to go to a big box company or agency that cannot provide personal service due to the size of their company. There is simply no substitute for the service you’ll receive from a company operated by a single owner. Take stock in the USA by calling vet-owned Wag Ur Tail and do your part to help America grow stronger in its internal structure.

– Mike offers Private Lessons, which are weekly, one-hour lessons to help you learn to work with and train your dog. These private lessons are much more valuable than a dog trainer working with your dog, since you will get first-hand experience that you can take home and use from day one. No other dog training in Stafford, VA is as effective or offers as much value as Wag Ur Tail’s most popular service.

– If you’re having a problem with your dog’s behavior or find that your dog is not acting in accordance with what is appropriate dog behavior, Wag Ur Tail can offer Behavior Training to correct issues you’re experiencing with your dog. Behavior training is extremely important if you own a dog, since you and your dog will come across so many different types of situations throughout your life that will require a well-behaved dog- everything from having guests in your home to outings with your dog when you will encounter strangers. When your dog responds in the appropriate way to life’s everyday and uncommon circumstances, you and your dog will both be much happier.

– For intensive training, Mike offers a unique 2-week Board & Train in his own home to provide your dog an opportunity to spend 24/7 time with a professional trainer. Mike’s 2-week Board & Train is the most effective dog training in Stafford, VA. During this time, your dog will be living and training with Mike- dogs are never boarded in a kennel.

Get your dog the training that will make all the difference in your relationship and you’ll find it was the best money you ever spent on your dog. Call Mike Morrison at 540-834-8353 or hit the ‘Contact Me’ link to get connected.

Dog Training Stafford Va
Wag ur Tail Dog Training
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