In a 2-week board and training service, your dog stays at the trainer’s home or facility while being trained. In an in-home boarding, your dog stays at the trainer’s house and will learn the basics of indoor living customized to your needs.

Benefits of a 2-week board and training service

  1. Dogs who board receive basic training such as sit, lay down, heel, come and other commands ( like give me a paw).
  2. Behavioral issues are addressed. Doggy tantrums can be stressful. Especially if its food related.
  3. Dogs are also taught how to stop jumping, stop pulling on the leash, running out the door, counter-surfing (trying to get that oh so irresistible table food), etc.
  4. In certain circumstances, trainers toss in a few extra helpful commands such as leave it, drop it and even some tricks. Lets face it, who doesn’t love a dog that can roll over and play dead and possibly fetch that newspaper that you might not want to get up and get.
  5. Behavior Modification can address serious behavior issues such as aggression, anxiety and other problematic behaviors.
  6. Trainers use different behavior modification techniques (desensitization, counter-conditioning, Behavior Adjustment Training etc.) to find what works for your dog. Dogs are like people in the sense that they all have different personalities.
  7. Your dog is trained by a dog trainer and is basically trained in certain behaviors that may be basic obedience or custom tailored for your needs.
  8. Because the trainer is experienced, success rates are higher than what the regular dog owner may attain.
  9. Most trainers have many different techniques up their sleeves to ensure the dog learns, and if one method does not work, they try another.
  10. If you take a vacation, your dog gets a place to stay when you are out of town while learning something new.
  11. Because the dog is in a new environment and with a new person, he may be more open to learning new habits.
  12. Because dogs have a history of rehearsing behaviors with a certain person and in a certain place, a board and train program offers dogs a blank new slate to start from scratch.

If you are extremely busy and need some extra help, a board and train program may be helpful for you. Fortunately, our trainers offer a two-week board and train program for your furry companion. Allowing you to enjoy your vacation worry free, while your buddy learns new tricks and makes new friends. If you are planning your spring and summer vacations don’t forget to contact us to plan your pups as well.

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