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When an untrained dog takes a bath, water may spill and splash everywhere. To prevent this, you’ll have to control a dog’s behavior, and the best way to accomplish this is by enrolling your pet in dog obedience school in Fredericksburg Virginia. If dog school sounds appealing, you can get started at our company, which is called Wag Ur Tail Dog Training. Before the training begins, these tips can make a basic wash routine easier.

Don’t Wrestle

If your dog doesn’t want a bath, don’t wrestle with it. Instead, give the dog time to adjust to the concept of taking a bath. You can start by letting the dog step inside an empty tub. Then, when your pet appears calm, reward it with a treat. Repeat this step on different days until the dog sits comfortably in the tub. When your dog no longer jumps and whines, gradually fill the bottom of the tub with an inch of water, and add more water as the dog gains confidence and builds courage.

Depending on the dog, it may still wrestle with you a lot before bath time. If you pursue dog training at our dog obedience school in Fredericksburg Virginia, you’ll become the leader because you’ll learn how to make your pet obey throughout a bath.

woman brushing dog's hair

Use a Brush and Comb During Preparations

Before the dog is ready for a proper bath, you’ll need to prepare its fur for the water. If there are any knots on the dog’s coat, eliminate them with a comb and brush. Never let your dog soak in a tub while it has clumps on its fur because the water will make the knots harder to remove. Also, when clumps of fur are removed before a dog soaks, they won’t clog your plumbing system.

One of the best ways to keep a dog still during during a prep routine is by teaching it a stop command. Our dog obedience school in Fredericksburg Virginia has trainers who teach this type of command to dogs.

Select a Tub Wisely

There are a few places where you can bathe a dog in a home. However, some spots aren’t ideal for certain breeds. For example, if you have a Labrador, you shouldn’t try to wash it inside a traditional kitchen sink since it won’t fit. A big dog is more comfortable in a large tub because there is more room for movement. To prevent slipping in tub, place a rubber mat next to the drain. The ridged material on this type of mat will provide great grip and traction after all of the water goes down the drain.

hands washing dog's face

Wash the Dog With Care

If you wash your dog improperly, it won’t enjoy the experience, and future baths will be more challenging. The dog must stay calm throughout the entire bath, so you should begin the routine by pouring lukewarm water on its fur. When it’s time to build a lather, use a shampoo that’s pH-balanced. Never use a shampoo that’s made for people as the ingredients could damage the dog’s coat.

To wash the dog’s face, gradually wipe a washcloth over its eyes and muzzle. A spray gun isn’t the best tool for this task because the water pressure may scare your dog. After the dog’s face is spotless, massage shampoo everywhere on its entire coat.

Each of these tips can provide advantages when it’s time to bathe a dog. However, they’re more effective when they’re paired with obedience training. You can get this type of training for your pet at our dog obedience school in Fredericksburg Virginia, so call Wag Ur Tail Dog Training today. We train a variety of breeds, and our lessons make baths, walks, feeding, and road trips more convenient for pet owners.