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Are you considering private dog training? Have you had enough of your dog’s disobedient behavior? Maybe you have tried to put a stop to it by training your dog yourself, but you just don’t seem to get anywhere. And as time passes, the more frustrating and expensive your dog’s destructive behavior gets. Before you think of the last option which is giving up your dog to a dog shelter, we ask you to consider a private dog training service.

We offer in person, private dog training classes to all dogs in Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas. If you don’t live in these areas, reach out to us using the CONTACT form. We may be able to arrange safe transportation for your pet to our location for our Board & Train programs. We also plan to offer an online training program so anyone who needs our help can receive training at home and on-demand.

What are the Benefits of Private Dog Training Programs?

Our dog training programs consist of our two and three week Board and Train program – is an intensive, live with the trainer program where your dog will learn and receive positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors. If you prefer your dog stay at home, we also provide in-home, outdoor private lessons for those who live in one of the cities we service. While our board and train program is more intensive, our private lessons do have some great benefits.

  • At last, training! The first great benefit is that your dog will finally get some professional training.  Say goodbye to the headaches of destroyed furniture.
  • One-on-one: We believe in one-on-one training. We eliminate the distractions of having other dogs, and we make it personal between the trainer, owner, and dog. In comparison to group training, your dog will be able to concentrate and learn much faster.
  • It is customized: From concentrating on a particular behavioral problem to teaching the dog owner how to handle it, we customize the lesson to whatever the owner needs.
  • You are part of it: During the lessons, you will learn how to train your dog and get the same results that we do. While we will get rid of your dog’s bad behavior, we want you to know how to do it too in case it the bad behavior comes back or you get another dog.
  • Positive: We only utilize positive dog training techniques. This means we do not use shock collars as a training tool.