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Getting a dog is an exciting time, but all the responsibilities new owners have can feel overwhelming, including whether to train your pet. We at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Stafford Virginia and Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg VA want to help you understand why training is important. Here are five big reasons to train your dog.

1. Defines Your Relationship

Defining your relationship with your dog early off is imperative. During our training program, your dog will recognize you as their leader and caretaker, helping them feel safe. Being present in these training sessions with us will help you learn about your dog and develop a bond. Here at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Stafford Virginia, we believe in having you as part of the training process. This will help you feel comfortable training and taking care of your dog independently, without needing a trainer present.

2. Eliminates Problem Behaviors

No dog is perfect. They all have their quirks and flaws. Training your dog to stop their problem behaviors is essential to a peaceful home life. We at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Stafford Virginia recognize that no two dogs are the same, which is why our training is individualized for your dog. We’ve found that using positive reinforcements like treats, pets, and affirmations, is better than negatives responses. If a dog commits a problem behavior, our technique is to pause and then repeat the command. Treats, belly rubs, and happy tones will prevail in the end.

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3. Obedient Dogs Are Great to Be Around

If your dog pulls on the leash every time you go out for a walk, walks aren’t fun. If your dog jumps on people every time you have a visitor, visitors don’t want to come. Having a well-trained dog simplifies life. We can help you make sure your dog is ready to do activities like going to the dog park, hiking, and taking beach trips. It also makes necessary parts of life easier such as boarding and traveling. Having a trained dog makes life a breeze.

4. Good for Your Dog’s Mental Health

Wag Ur Tail will make sure training your dog is calming for them and uncomplicated for you. We’ll help them feel less stressed in an otherwise stressful situation. Having a specific command to act out will give the dog a task, distracting them their circumstances. For instance, if your dog knows they are supposed to sit and stay, they won’t be tempted to run away when they feel frightened, which could escalate the situation and put your dog in danger. Being trained to know what to do will make unfamiliar situations easier on both you and your dog.

5. Help Your Dog Be Safe

Dangerous situations happen. If your dog gets loose, they need to be trained not to run away or into traffic. If there’s a dangerous animal nearby, your dog needs to be trained not to approach it and to calmly leave with you. If you happen upon something poisonous on the sidewalk, your dog needs to be trained to leave it alone or to drop it. We’ll make sure you and your dog knows what to do in situations like these so they won’t be hurt.

Training is crucial and we at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training would appreciate the chance to be a part of your training experience. For a free consultation about dog training in Stafford Virginia or dog training in Fredericksburg VA.