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All dogs are different. They’re all shapes and sizes and possess different personalities. They might also display different behavioral problems. What your dog might be doing might be completely different than what your neighbor’s dog is doing. Therefore every case is different. We understand this because we work with dogs one-on-one, and we can pinpoint the problem, the source of the issue, and a solution on how to fix it.

Common Dog Behavioral Problems

Chewing: This is so common that owners end up putting up with it. While it is natural for your dog to chew, your dog should be chewing on its own toys and not your shoes or furniture. Chewing is usually caused by curiosity, anxiety or too much energy.

dog chewing shoe

Excessive Barking: Dogs bark, and that’s okay. But excessive barking is not a good sign and can be disruptive to your life. It’s good when dogs bark because they are alerting you of something but excessive barking can also be due to anxiety, boredom or just as a way to call attention to themselves.

Peeing Inside: If your dog has been trained to pee outside and is suddenly peeing inside this could be due to a number of things. Before you do anything else, take your dog to the vet to make sure it’s not a health problem. If nothing is wrong, It could be due to anxiety, improper training, over-excitement or fear.

Digging: Is your dog creating holes in the backyard? Your dog could be digging to hide a bone, but it also could be digging due to anxiety, excess energy or to escape.

dog digging

Biting: Biting is definitely not a behavior you want to encourage as someone could get hurt. Dogs usually bit to assert dominance or protect their property.

What your dog might be exhibiting might not be on this list, but this is just a few of the issues. Other things like begging, chasing, jumping up to people or aggression could also be affecting your dog. But don’t lose hope because all dogs are trainable regardless of age and breed. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training is experienced and ready to take care of these issues. We offer private lessons, 2-week board and train and behavioral consulting. Give us a call at 540-834-8353 so we can talk about your options!