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One of the most important aspects of owning dogs is being able to keep them safe. Dogs have natural instincts, such as walking. And since dogs are den animals, using a crate is an excellent way to house train your pet while providing a sense of security. When puppies are born, their mothers leave the den area to seek food and water. Newborn puppies remain behind, and this is where they learn that the den is a safe place to learn, play and live. Dog training classes highlight the benefits of having a crate, among other important details of pet ownership. Dog training in Fredericksburg is available through Wag Ur Tail Training. We provide dog obedience training for young puppies and senior dogs alike.

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House Training

A dog that has free reign around the house is likely to have more accidents. With dog obedience training in Fredericksburg provided by Wag Ur Tail, we will teach you the best house training techniques that have stood the test of time with our innovative dog training classes. Dogs will not eliminate in the areas that they sleep; they naturally want to keep their resting areas clean. A dedicated resting spot such as a crate is the perfect way to train your dog. Puppies need time to adjust to their crate environments, and generally should not stay in a crate for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time as their bladders cannot hold up for that long. As they get old, they can handle more time in the crate. Remember to immediately let your pet out after being in the crate, and reward them for eliminating outside. Wag Ur Tail provides dog training in Fredericksburg that incorporates the best techniques for quickly training your dog so you can enjoy spending the most quality time with them.

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Wag Ur Tail provides dog training in Fredericksburg with classes that stress your dog’s crate should be a safe haven. It is very important to never use the crate as punishment because they should make the association that the crate is a retreat. Your pet should be able to retreat to their crate whenever they feel uncomfortable, tired, or scared. Perhaps most importantly, the crate can actually keep your pet safe. If there is a loud noise, or maybe children running around, your dog might want to retreat to its crate to seek shelter. Crating your dog will also prevent them from becoming destructive, or getting into things that they shouldn’t be getting into. You’ll have great peace of mind knowing that your dog is out of harm’s way while you aren’t home, and that they enjoy being in that space at the same time. A dog will likely sleep 90% of the time that their owners are away from the home. If your dog is not in their crate, the remaining 10% of that time could be spent getting into dangerous situations. Imagine your dog potentially chewing on chords or cables or furniture. A crated dog would not be able to get into these situations, and they would remain safe and sound inside their crate. Since chewing on things is destructive behavior that typically signifies boredom, you can also use the crate as a place where they can enjoy a chew toy. They will be so happy knowing their owner truly cares about them.

Proper crate training is essential in dog ownership. A crate can provide safety and stability for your pet by being the peaceful sanctuary they need. Crates takes advantage of your dog’s natural instincts as a den animal, and they are excellent management tools which are effective both in the home and on the road. Your dog’s safety is paramount, and it should be the primary responsibility of pet ownership. Dog obedience training has never been so easy, thanks to Wag Ur Tail. With the best dog training in Fredericksburg, you can rely on us to instill the best habits in your pet. Contact us today to find out how our training programs can benefit your furry friend!