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Puppies can bring a lot of love to our lives. There’s nothing quite like coming home to see their excited faces running up to us. However, just like children, puppies require a bit of care and puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia to ensure they grow into healthy adults. Here are a few things we should avoid when we receive a new puppy.

1. Letting Them on the Furniture

Unless we don’t mind if our dogs jump on the furniture with us, this is a behavior we need to stop. Dogs want to be close to us. They can become attached to one or a few people, in particular. When that person sits down, the dog naturally wants to sit close to them.

However, if our dogs happen to shed a lot, then all of that hair is going to end up on the couch, too. For dogs who have destructive behavior, they might turn their attention to the couch.

One way that we can save our furniture is to keep our dogs off of it when they’re puppies. Although it is tempting to pick our puppies up and hold them in our laps while we sit, we have to resist this urge. Instead, show we can show our puppies that they can still be close to us by laying next to our feet on the floor.

This is also important for establishing who is the pack leader in the house. Puppy obedience training is critical in the early phases of youth. Puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia can also help curb this behavior. It can also establish who is the actual pack leader in the home.

puppy on furniture

2. Car Ride Blues

Most puppies experience two car rides early in their life. The first is after they are being separated from their mother and siblings to live with their owners. The second is to the vet. Both of these experiences can be traumatic for them. It may make car rides difficult for them in the future. They associate car rides with bad results.

We can stop that association by taking them on car rides to places that they like first. For example, we can take them to the park where they can run around and have fun. Even a simple cruise around with the window slightly down can be an enjoyable experience for them.

3. Not Socializing

An extremely important mistake to avoid is not socializing our puppies early in their lives. If we only have one dog, then it’s vital to make sure that the puppy is also introduced to other dogs. We can do this by taking them out for walks and encountering other dogs and people.

The park is also another great place to socialize. They may be timid at first or bark, but the more that we take them around those places and allow them to interact with other dogs and people, the more comfortable they will be.

In the future, they’ll be less aggressive towards other dogs and people.

dog barking

4. Training Wrong

When it comes to puppy obedience training, it’s easy to make mistakes. That’s the reason why we should take the dog to puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia. When trained by professionals, our puppy stands a greater chance of learning good behavior. The environment is safe and positive for them.

Contact us at Wag Ur Tail Dog Training for puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia. We’ll help ensure your puppy is ready for any occasion. Don’t damage your relationship with your puppy. Instead, let us train them in a way that will nurture them.