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When it comes to getting a new dog, one of the thoughts that may come to mind is the opinions that you have heard from other people. If your friends or family have had a bad experience with a certain breed of dog, it may hinder you from getting a dog of that type of breed. While some rumors could be true, there are a lot of inaccurate myths about dog breeds going around. In this article, we are going to debunk some of those myths so that you can learn the truth about specific dog breeds.

Chihuahuas are too fierce

Chihuahuas earned themselves a bad reputation after a myth caused people to think that Chihuahuas are only good for plaguing your ears with a constant bark. While Chihuahuas are notoriously protective over their owners, they aren’t going to give you any harder of a time than the average dog will.

pug sleeping

Pugs are too lazy

There is a myth that pugs are considered the ‘couch potato’ of dogs. While they may lounge around a little more than the average pup, it is obviously contributing to their beauty sleep, right? Maybe not. With that being said, if you play with your Pug or toss your pet the occasional tennis ball, he or she is sure to play along.

Pit bulls are too aggressive

Pit bulls have earned themselves a bad wrap as being too aggressive and mean. In reality, Pit bulls can be very sweet animals. It just so happens that Pit bulls are the most capable of becoming ferociously strong, so criminal dog-fighters train them in such a manner so that they can fight and beat other dogs. If you treat it well from the start, your Pitbull will grow up to be kind and gentle. If you take one in after it has already learned to be aggressive, dog training classes can be very effective for training your pet to act right.

hyper jack russel

Jack Russells are too hyperactive

Jack Russells have the reputation of being an overactive dog breed. This is certainly a myth, and shouldn’t be used to classify all Jack Russell dogs. Some of these dogs do have a lot of energy trapped inside their little bodies. However, if you play with them often and stimulate their mind, they won’t be like this all the time. Once again, disobedient Jack Russells do exist just like any other breed and can greatly benefit from dog training classes.

Know the Signs

Although these myths have been debunked, it still doesn’t change the fact that some dogs are simply less obedient than others. There are certain behaviors exhibited by animals that make it clear that your pet is in need of dog obedience training. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Your dog doesn’t listen or learn from mistakes
  • Your dog bites people or is aggressive
  • Your dog constantly pulls on the leash
  • Your dog has frequent potty accidents

All of these incidents may be a sign that your animal needs to undergo specialized dog training classes. Professional dog training in Fredericksburg is available at your convenience, so give us a call at (540) 834-8353,

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight regarding the false myths about dog breeds that you may come across when adopting a new dog. After reading this, you should be aware of the truth and know that a certain breed does not guarantee you a bad experience. As you now know, dog training classes including dog training in Fredericksburg is always available from Wag Ur Tail Dog Training. The breed of your dog doesn’t guarantee anything, and some dogs are just harder to train. However, the combination of treating your dog well along with some possible dog obedience training will give you great results and a well-behaved pup.