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So you’ve brought your new puppy or dog home, taken it to the vet, possibly attended Dog Training Classes, and are thoroughly enjoying your new little (or big) addition to the family. Yet what do you do when it’s time for family vacation or there’s an emergency and you need to leave town? Where should you leave Fido and to whom should you entrust your four legged best friend? We at Wag Ur Tail have multiple suggestions you might want to consider when it comes time to go out of town.

Ask Your Friend to Pet Sit

Do you already have a friend who is absolutely in love with your pup? First, we always recommend you attend Dog Training Classes through Wag Ur Tail before leaving a friend to babysit, but regardless of whether you have attended a Dog Training in Fredericksburg or not—asking a friend to watch your dog is always an ideal option.  Since you already know your friend and have witnessed interactions with them and your dog, you will probably feel comfortable leaving your pup behind in their care. The only question you will need to ask yourself is whether it’s better for your friend to stay at your house or to send your dog to their home.

If your dog is older and less comfortable in new situations, you may want to recommend your friend staying at your place. However if the dog has attended dog obedience training and is capable of interacting well in strange places, using your friend’s place may work just fine.

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Hire a Dog Sitter

Dog sitters tend to come in two varieties—the ones who will stay in your house and watch your pet and dog sitters who will stop by the house on a number of occasions during your absence to feed, water and play with your pooch while you are gone

You can find dog sitters in a variety of ways. You can inquire amongst your neighbors. Sometimes a neighborhood kid may already know you and your dog and as long as they are dependable, they can be a great and inexpensive way to ensure your dog is well cared for while you are away. If you are leaving your puppy or dog with a neighbor, Dog Training Classes are a great way to ensure your sitter has a well behaved animal to pet sit versus an unmanageable canine.

If you prefer a more formal arrangement, there are multiple companies nowadays that offer professional dog sitting services. Expect to sit down with your potential dog sitter, have an interview and permit them to meet your puppy or dog before the big day. This should give you peace of mind that you chose the right company before you need to leave town.

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Board Your Dog at the Vet

If your puppy or dog has a medical condition that requires daily medication, this may be the best option for you. Often your vet can offer boarding in their kennels and your pampered pooch will be around staff trained to assist in medical emergencies. Do you have a medical procedure you’ve been delaying such as your puppy’s spay or neuter? You might arrange to have the surgery performed while you are out of town. This may also permit your pet to recover at the vet depending upon the length of your trip.

Another perk of boarding at the vet’s office may be found if they have a groomer on staff. You can arrange to have your pup freshly bathed and brushed before pick-up.

Board at a Boarding Facility

Here at Wag Ur Tail, we offer a unique two week board and dog obedience training program for pet owners. While you are away, you can board your pet with us and they will attend Dog Training Classes that involve one-on-one training (unless you have multiple dogs you need boarded and trained as well.) This opportunity for Dog Training Classes ensures that when you return, you pick up a better doggy citizen than you left behind.

Otherwise you can choose a different boarding facility and they will feed and exercise your dog, but without the benefits of the Dog Training Classes we offer.

There are a multitude of options to ensure your puppy or dog stays safe and sound when you need to make a trip. Whether it’s in your home or at a friend’s, in a boarding facility receiving Dog Training Classes or at a boarding kennel, you can find the right place for your pet until you return home. At Wag Ur Tail, we offer Dog Training Classes with two week board for when you are away.

Call Wag Ur Tail today if interested in Dog Training in Fredericksburg or our two week board and train program!