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If you love taking trips with your dog, it’s important to keep him safe in the car. Maybe your little guy is a little anxious on car trips or thinks he MUST ride in your lap (no, no, no), there are solutions to all the problems you face with your dog on road trips. Whether it’s a long or short trip, follow these tips to keep your dog safe!

      1. Dog Barrier: Let’s face it, most dogs want to be where you are, and that means the front seat. Even if you intend on your dog staying in the back, he might try to force his way to ride in the passenger seat. Use a barrier to keep your buddy out of your lap and a safe trip for both of you. Depending on your vehicle, there are special barriers that can be installed, whether you have a car, SUV or truck.
      2. Dog Seat belts: If you want to keep your dog in the backseat, there are dog seat belts made specifically for your dog’s size. After all, seat belts aren’t just for humans! Keep your dog safe with a special dog seat belt or harness that will keep him in place, comfortable, and keep both of you safe.dog with seatbelt on
      3. Dog Crate: If your dog gets anxious from the sights and sounds of travel, he might be happy in a confined space like a dog crate. Add his favorite blanket and a special treat, and your dog will love having his own travel home in the back.
      4. Take Breaks: For longer trips, it’s important to give your pet a break and to see that you are indeed still there! Give your dog plenty of opportunity to stop and stretch his paws, take a bathroom break or just see his favorite human’s face. It’s important to stop every couple hours to give your dog a bathroom break to avoid accidents that might make your dog more anxious about trips.
      5. Dog Training: Sometimes it’s good to leave the training to the experts. Whether you feel the other tips aren’t working for your dog or you just want to make sure your dog is safely trained by experts, we are here to help! For dog training in Fredericksburg VA, Wag Ur Tail is here to make your pet and your safe on road trips. We offer many services to have your dog ready for the next adventure. Whether it’s private lessons, behavior consulting or our 2-week board and training program, we can get your dog ready to hit the road safely. Just call the experts for dog training in Fredericksburg VA.

Dog Training in Stafford Virginia

We know what your pet needs to ensure many safe and happy trips in the car for both of you! For dog training in Stafford Virginia, Wag Ur Tail is here to tell you what to expect and everything you need to know. Call today for a free consultation, so you can hit the road with your dog in ease. We offer many services for dog training and will work with you to figure out the best solution and training efforts for your best friend. We are the best source for dog training in Stafford Virginia.

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