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Are you expecting a new baby in your household? How do you plan on properly introducing your dog to the newest family member? Instead of waiting until you bring a newborn home fresh from the hospital, you should start thinking ahead and preparing now to ensure your four legged friend gets along with your child. From Dog Training Classes prior to the baby’s birth to simple ways of introducing your canine pal to your child—here are some tips to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

dog being trained

Dog Training Classes

Has your pup already mastered dog obedience training? Does he know how to sit, stay, and to down properly? Whether he has taken Dog Training Classes in the past or whether he’s still new at following commands, you should sign up for classes such as the Dog Training in Fredericksburg by our company Wag Ur Tail. It never hurts to brush up on old skills or to teach new ones and you will want your dog to be able to follow basic commands when the baby comes home.

Maintaining verbal control over your dog is of the utmost importance for ease of transition. Since at any given time, the current family members may be carrying the new infant, being able to give a verbal command that the dog will follow is an imperative. A few commands that your dog should have mastered beforehand are sit/stay and leave it. You can even teach your dog a command to go relax in his or her crate! While you probably already understand the importance of sit/stay, leave it can be useful when your dog picks up a baby item off the floor such as a pacifier or stuff animal. Teaching your dog to return to his crate might be used when friends come over to visit the baby or during moments when the household is hectic due to the newest family member.

New Rules Start Now

In addition to Dog Training Classes, new rules you may want to start when the baby arrives should begin ahead of time. If you don’t want your pup up on the couch or sleeping in your bed—now is the time to start this training. Again, dog obedience training will help you along your way, but setting these new rules and following them ahead of time will make your life easier in the long run.

baby girl playing with dog

When the Baby is Born

You might think your doggy and baby introductions will begin when the baby comes home from the hospital, but you can start introducing your dog beforehand. As soon as your newborn has been delivered, ask a friend or family member to bring one of the receiving blankets home for your dog to smell and interact with.

When you arrive home, have someone wait in the car with the baby while your dog gets the chance to greet everyone returning from the hospital. After your dog has had the chance to get some of its energy out, bring the baby into the house for introductions. Using the commands you learned in Dog Training Class, tell your dog to sit and stay then calmly introduce him to the baby. It may be handy to have a helper doling out your dog’s favorite dog treats to ensure your pup relates this potentially loud, strange smelling newcomer with something positive.

While bringing home a baby may seem overwhelming, with Dog Training in Fredericksburg by Wag Ur Tail, this doesn’t need to be a stressful experience for you, your dog, or your child. Let us help you train your puppy or dog so he can truly become the four legged best friend your new child deserves.