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Adding a new puppy to your family can be rewarding, but also challenging. In fact, many people struggle with training their new puppy. One thing you can do to make the process easier is puppy proof your home.

It’s also not a bad idea to locate someone who specializes in puppy obedience training. Such experts are everywhere, you can even find puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia! Today we’ll discuss a few ways to puppy proof your home.

Top Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

When beginning this process it’s a great idea to take a good look around and determine the hazards in your home. Chances are once you begin looking you’ll find several right away. Keep in mind that there are potential hazards for your puppy everywhere, including indoors and out.

puppy biting electrical cords

Indoor Hazards

Puppies are full of energy and very curious, so it’s important to make sure the following items are out of reach:

  • Electrical Cords – Can lead to electrical shock
  • Poisons & Household Cleaners – Can fatally poison your dog
  • Trash – May contain human foods that are non-edible for dogs or even toxic mold from decomposing foods

Each of these items poses a serious threat, as puppies love to chew. Puppy obedience training begins at home with teaching the puppy what it can and cannot try to eat.

Outdoor Hazards

One mistake new dog owners make is leaving a puppy unattended outside, even inside a fence. There are threats you may not realize such as:

  • Certain Trees & Plants – These include Oak acorns, Daffodils, Foxglove and many others. Some are poisonous, while others may cause intestinal blockages.
  • Fertilizers, Insecticides, Gasoline, etc. – All very toxic for dogs.
  • Broken Glass, Nails, etc. – These can cut your dog’s feet as they walk or if ingested can be fatal.

puppy giving paw

Training your Puppy

The best thing you can do is always supervise your puppy. When you see he or she doing something they’re not supposed to, gently correct the behavior. For example, if your puppy is chewing shoes tell her “no” and redirect her to one of her toys. Consistency is key for obedience training your puppy.

Seek Professional Puppy Obedience Training Help When Needed

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re having problems with obedience training a puppy, find a professional to help. There are many places that offer puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia. Obedience classes are a great way to bond with your new puppy and the best part is you’ll learn how to understand each other.

Wag Ur Tail Dog Training is one such company that offers puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia. We can help with basic obedience and also advise on the proper way to puppy proof your home. All of our trainers are highly experienced and (most importantly) dog lovers!

So, if you’re looking for puppy training classes in Fredericksburg Virginia, look no further and contact us today for a free phone consultation!