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Preventing Leash Pulling Health Complications on your Dog

You have seen the comics that show dogs walking their owners and you say to yourself that will never be you. However, then you go to talk your dog for a walk and you begin to get walked down the street. You secretly wish your dog would walk beside you, at your pace, maybe even wonder if it is possible. Here are reasons you want to consider dog training in Spotsylvania VA.

jack russel terrier pulling on leash

Problems Caused by Leash Pulling

While you may think that leash pulling is only a pain on you, it poses several health problems for your pup as well. The neck of your dog is just as fragile as your neck, and when your dog pulls on the leash, there is immense pressure put on your pup’s back. You will often see muscular and neurological problems in dog’s that pull. In addition, the neck is where your dog’s hormonal glands are located. Finally, respiratory problems often follow constant pressure on the neck, making it vital to consider a dog behavorist near Fredericksburg Virginia.

Improving Walking Behavior

A dog behavorist near Fredericksburg Virginia will offer guidance through training for your dog and assistance in your behavior. However, there are a few manners that you can also teach your dog prior to starting training.

  • Your Attitude – Dogs are extremely perceptive to their owner’s attitude and will respond to the emotions they pick up. If you change your mindset from stop pulling to walking beside you, your dog will not sense a negative mindset.
  • Reward – One of the key things a dog behavorist near Fredericksburg Virginia will tell you about training is that dogs are food motivated. They are exactly like children and love to be rewarded. If you want a dog to walk next to you, keep treats in the pocket you want them on, and give them the treats when they are walking nicely. You will want to treat often at the beginning, and then back off as they begin to learn what to do.
  • Make it a Game – Again, just like children, dogs love to play games. Classes on dog training in Spotsylvania VA will teach you to make learning fun for your dog. This can include making it fun for your dog to stay near you by walking away from him or her and then cheering your dog for coming to be next to you.
  • Constant Practice – Nothing in life comes easy and constant practice is necessary to learn a behavior. This is true for people, just as it is for dogs. Thankfully, your dog needs to go on walks daily for exercise and relieving bodily functions. This allows you to have one or two times a day to practice walking skills.
  • Be Willing to Accept Help – There is nothing wrong in accepting assistance it getting your dog to behave how you wish. A dog behavorist near Fredericksburg Virginia will be a huge asset in correcting your dog’s walking skills.

lady with red hair training her dog

Lease skills is a learning process and while working on the behavior, it may be a good idea to change from a collar to a harness. This gives you the ability to teach your dog to walk properly, but prevents health complications to your pup as he or she learns. For more assistance, contact a Wag Ur Tail dog trainer today.