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Create and Keep Precious Memories with Pet Photography

Dogs are part of the family and a big part of our everyday lives. At Wag Ur Tail Dog Training, we know this means that your furry family members likely take up a big chunk of your phone’s photo gallery. As pet owners, we all want to capture those cute and funny moments! If you are looking to get more memorable, professional-quality photographs of your pet, we have good news for you. Anyone already taking dog training classes in Fredericksburg can also have a pet photo shoot scheduled too. Now you can visit us for dog training classes in Stafford and also leave with photographs good enough to frame and display in your home.

dog holding smartphone

Professional Pet Photography

These days, most people have a smartphone they can use to take pictures. However, these pictures are often poor quality, and they won’t be able to catch those super-quick moments when your dog is doing something adorable! With our dog training classes in Spotsylvania, you also get access to our professional team of photographers. Our team also uses the best equipment to ensure we can capture those special moments for a one-of-a-kind photograph. By taking our dog training classes in Fredericksburg, you not only get excellent training for your pet, but also some wonderful memories to keep forever.

Training and Pet Photography

A lot of people will wonder: can my dog hold still enough to get a good picture? Will they behave well enough for the photographer? Since we also offer dog training classes in Stafford, we are familiar with how to train your dog to pose or do tricks for a great picture. We also have experience with all kinds of dog temperaments and behaviors. By taking some of our dog training classes in Spotsylvania or our other locations, your dog can learn to hold a “sit” or “lay down” for a great photograph. Additionally, our dog classes in Fredericksburg can also help you learn tricks for a fun and unique picture, such as “sit pretty”, “hold it”, or even balancing a treat on their nose or head!

golden retriever running

Why Pet Photography?

There are many different reasons to look into pet photography when booking dog training classes in Fredericksburg. One reason is to celebrate your dog’s achievements. If they successfully complete a training class, learn a new trick, or get a behavioral issue under control, capture that moment with a lifelong photograph! Remember the fun time you had with your dog as well as their accomplishments in our dog training classes in Fredericksburg.

Another reason to get professional photos of your pet is to always have a way to remember them. As we all know, sadly our dogs don’t get to live as long as we do. We need to treasure the time we’ve had with them, and having high-quality, memorable photographs is a great way to do that. Our photographers can help you get a variety of professional shots to choose from so you can display your pet proudly alongside other members of the family, whether they are still your cuddle buddy on the couch or waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

When looking at our dog training classes in Fredericksburg, consider booking a pet photography session at the same. The process is easy – simply visit our website or give us a call at (540) 834-8353! You can also reach out to us on Facebook. Our photographers will be happy to work with both you and your pet to ensure you leave with pictures you love and can cherish for a lifetime.