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Every dog with a behavioral problem should be treated differently. Some dogs have issues that are an easy and quick fix while others have deep issues that might take months to fix. But with time, repetition and patience every behavioral problem can be corrected. When it comes to our Board and Train course, dogs that have a variety of behavioral problems are usually the ones that benefit the most out of this program.

Our two week board and train program is an intense two-week program where your dog comes to live with their trainer as a member of the family. This course will help your dog learn to control himself around other people and dogs.

So how do you know if your dog is in need of our two-week board and train program? Here are a couple of signs!


Pulling On The Leash

Does your dog pull on the leash every time you go out for a walk? Is your dog pulling you everywhere? A dog that pulls on the leash can end up getting hurt or causing accidents. And your dog will run a higher chance of getting lost if it pulls on the leash and escapes your grip. When your dog learns to walk alongside

you, it will make walks more enjoyable for yourself and your dog.


Potty Accidents

When your dog pees and poops inside of the house, you get a dirty carpet and a dog that gets used to it. Your dog could be going inside the house for a variety of reasons. It could be lack of training, anxiety, marking the territory and even a medical problem.


Do you call “Sparky’s” name day in and day out but get no response? Does he fail to stop when you ask him to? You pretty much have a dog that rules himself! Dog obedience training is needed in cases like these. Your dog just needs repetition and positive reinforcement.

These are only a couple of common behavioral problems. But there are many more bad behaviors that your dog might be exhibiting that would make him the perfect candidate for our 2 week board and train. But if your dog has a bad behavior that you just can’t seem to break,  it’s better to give us a call at (540) 324-3518 as soon as possible so we can get working on it!