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A Missing Pet

Every year, some dog owners in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas encounter a frustrating problem: locating a lost pet. Dogs become lost for a variety of reasons. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training wants to share some helpful tips to help reunite people with their pets:

In most cases, driving your car slowly through the vicinity of the area where your dog disappeared enables you to retrieve a missing pet quickly. Take this step during daylight hours as soon as you notice your dog’s disappearance. Cover at least a 10 block radius. It usually proves helpful to have one member of the household drive, while another adult scans the surroundings for any signs of the missing pet. Bring a leash with you so you can catch you dog if you spot him wandering through the locale. Check any nearby parks or recreational areas on foot while carrying the leash. driving slowly in neighborhoodAs soon as possible, notify your local animal shelter about your loss. Provide a description of your dog, and give the staff a number to reach you if an animal arrives at the shelter fitting your pet’s description. (You may need to return to the shelter at intervals to search in person for your lost dog.)

Contact your neighbors (especially those located closest to your home), and let them know about your missing dog. They may provide helpful information to assist your search efforts.

If you possess a current photo of your dog, prepare a flyer using this image. Add descriptive information about your pet’s name, age, and most recently seen location. Include a contact telephone number so people can call you. Distribute these flyers within at least a five block radius of your home. Also post them in nearby businesses (e.g. laundromats, shopping centers, and banks). It usually proves helpful to deliver fliers to the offices of local veterinarians and pet supply stores in your community, too. If someone does find your dog, they might see a flier and return the pet directly to you.

If you cannot locate your pet within 24 hours, consider placing a classified newspaper ad in the local newspaper. You might also find it helpful to run this ad on local radio stations, as well. Check out local online bulletin boards and news websites to place ads there too. space for newspaper ad

Let as many people as possible know about your missing dog. Sharing this information will increase the chances of other people noticing your pet and contacting you.

Avoiding Recurrences

Dog obedience training by Wag Ur Tail Dog Training offers one of the most effective ways to prevent roaming. After recovering your dog, consider enrolling your pet in local dog training in Fredericksburg. Trained canine companions become more attentive and less apt to wander. Dog training classes also helps owners teach pets to respond to their commands more readily.

For example, during dog training classes, many owners succeed in teaching dogs to “stay” on command. If your dog strays near a road, this dog obedience training skill might prove life saving for your pet. Additionally, owners typically retrieve dogs who learn basic commands (such as “sit” or “stay”) in dog training classes more easily. Dog training in Fredericksburg represents a smart investment. Call us at 540-834-8353 for detailed information!

Additional Measures

In addition to enrolling in dog training classes, in some cases spaying or neutering your pet helps prevent roaming. You might also ask your veterinarian to insert an ID microchip to permit easier pet recovery. This technology usually costs well under $100.