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We challenge anyone to find a better companion than a dog. There is not a more satisfied life than one shared with a dog. If you’re preparing to adopt a dog, Wag Ur Tail Dog Training wants to be with you from the start. So, we offer 8 ideas to consider as you meet your future best friend.

Your Experience as a Dog Owner

Are you an Alpha-type or a Beta-type? Dogs may be different, but all dogs are wired to seek the hierarchy of the pack and know who is in charge. A dog must never be the pack Alpha – only you. Starting your relationship as pack leader is essential to a cohesive relationship with your dog. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training classes will help you establish that you are leader of the pack.


All breeds have endearing qualities. Keep in mind, however, that certain breeds have innate characteristics, such as herding (Border Collie), companionship (Havanese), family (Beagle), and hunting (Labrador Retriever). A mixed breed will have the best of many qualities. Dog training classes and obedience training can teach you to bring the best of your dog to the surface for a unified relationship.

a big and a small dog


Size consideration is important for many reasons. There is the obvious issue of how much dog you can fit into your living arrangement. Does your apartment have size restrictions? There is also the issue of cost, since a bigger dog comes with bigger expenses: food: bedding; toys; veterinary costs; medications; and grooming.

Energy Level

When it comes to dog ownership a significant consideration is the level of energy each of you bring to the relationship. All dogs require a daily walk or two. Dogs are natural travelers, so will become bored if left without activity. And a dog without an outlet for its stored-up energy will find its own inventive way to keep busy. Just remember, the higher the energy level, the greater the energy outlet required.

So, make sure that your energy level matches the needs of your dog. Dog training classes can teach you outlets for your dog’s needs.

Time to Spare

Consider how much time you have to spend with your dog each day. All dogs are social animals and that is why they weave so well into our households. However, some dogs require more socialization than other dogs and could become depressed if left alone for extended periods of time.

grooming a small dog

Grooming Needs

All dogs need grooming at some level to keep coat, teeth and nails healthy. Some dogs, however, require more consistent and involved grooming than others. Give consideration to how much time you want to spend daily or weekly on these tasks to keep your dog healthy.

Living with Humans and Animals

Some dogs are happy go lucky joes and their social capacity with humans and animals they share a home is limitless. Other dogs are warier and tend to bond with just one family member. Based on your family unit, consider how your new dog will interact with other members of the family.

Dog Training and Dog Obedience Training

Dog training classes and dog obedience training are for everyone. Whether you are an experienced or novice dog owner, consider the best way to introduce structure, love, and discipline into your new relationship. Achieving the right balance is a must for a healthy relationship for you and your dog. Dog training will show you how to communicate to your dog so that she will understand.

If you are looking for dog training in Fredericksburg, Wag Ur Tail Dog Training will teach you to set rules and boundaries with your dog. We teach your dog to communicate with you.

Congratulations! You have chosen to adopt. Now choose Wag Ur Tail Dog Training for your and dog training in Fredericksburg.