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Your dog is always up to something adorable, but you know capturing the moment with a picture is always harder than it looks. Dog training classes, especially Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg can go a long way in making your best friend sit and stay for a pretty picture. However, there are a few pro-secrets beyond dog obedience training that go into capturing an adorable dog photo; the next time your pooch does something cute, try these tips to capture the moment and make your dog a star.

Understand your dog’s personality

You know what will trigger your dog to maximum cuteness; snap your pictures when your dog is doing what they love most. Capture their true personality and sheer joy. Is your puppy hyperactive? Take her picture while doing something she loves, like chasing a ball or catching a frisbee. Is your pet a sun worshiper, who spends hours daydreaming in the sun? Snap a picture of that pensive, noble expression.

Bribery works wonders

Bribery is a key element in much dog obedience training. Hold a treat or something else that your dog wants, like a ball, near the camera. This will distract their attention away from the fixed stare of the camera, and evoke cute artful expressions. However, don’t tease your dog endlessly. Once you get your pictures, give him the treat or throw the ball as a reward.

Get down on your dog’s level

Dogs always feel more comfortable with a human kneeling down on their level. A picture snapped looking down at Fido produces a human perspective picture. Kneeling down to Fido’s level will give your dog’s perspective, and produce a more intimate and emotional feel.

Location, context, and lighting

Any exceptional photo requires good lighting, as well as context. Very few animals like a flash, so work with natural lighting as much as possible. Take your pictures outside, or near a window. Also, be mindful of the background. You don’t want it to distract from the center of attention, your pup. Another ideal place to snap a picture is at your Dog Training Classes. Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg is the best. Your best buddy will definitely be on his best behavior there.

Learn some clever tricks to get the best pet expressions

If you want your dog to smile, throw the ball or go for a run to get them panting. To perk up their ears, make a few unexpected noises. And of course, treats always work wonders.

Fast shutter speed is important

That moment of cuteness can come and go in a second. The faster you can shoot, the better your chances of capturing the moment. See if your camera will let you play around with the shutter speed. You can also set your camera to sports mode. If you’re shooting on an iPhone, try burst mode for a sequence of pictures.

dog is happy being pet

Reward your dog

Be sure to reward your pet with whatever they love best, once the photo shoot is done. They may eventually learn to love posing for the camera. Dog Training Classes are always useful in teaching your dog to pay attention to.

Wag Ur Tail Dog Training in Fredericksburg

Wag Ur Tail Dog Training Classes in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford Virginia area can help your dog learn the discipline it takes to sit, stay and come. Dog obedience training is not only important for snapping a perfect picture, but it’s also important for your dog’s success in life and important for your peace of mind. Call us at (540) 834-8353 to schedule dog training classes!