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Happy first day of summer! We’re excited that summer has officially arrived in the Fredericksburg area. Summer is a great time for our dog training classes! And with the summer weather comes more opportunities for outdoor activities for you and your dog. And while this is no cause for concern for many dog owners, for some, having your dog interact with others can be a bit of an embarrassment.

An embarrassing and often annoying trait that some dogs have is that they lick everything in sight! Dog behavior is tricky; because they can’t just tell you what’s wrong. So it’s up to us to figure out the root of the cause. And while licking might not bother some dog owners, figuring out the “why” can be helpful to your pet.


Possible Causes

  • Your dog is HUNGRY. This is an easy one to pinpoint. Once your dog eats the licking will stop.
  • Your dog might be licking itself because it has allergies. The licking helps them soothe the itch.
  • Your dog might have some kind of infection. The licking can be a symptom of a bacteria or parasites.
  • Your dog may be in pain or suffering from a neurological disorder. Arthritis, dental pain or disorders like OCD can cause the licking.
  • Your dog may be anxious. In a stressful state, your dog may start licking.

But your dog might not only lick because there is something wrong. Your dog might also lick because it is a developed behavior. Thankfully, your dog can break this habit with some dog training classes. But why did your dog develop this behavior?


Behavioral Reasons Why Dogs Lick

  • Your dog wants to get attention! When your dog licks your hands or face, it is a sign that he wants attention.
  • Your dog might do it because he is bored. When you see your dog licking itself or other things, hand him a toy.
  • They might use the licking as a sign of affection.
  • They are used to it. If you pet your dog and it starts licking, he will do it with everyone because he is used to it.

If you see constant licking, we recommend you to first take your dog to a vet. If they find no health issues, then it is a behavioral habit that Wag Ur Tail Dog Training can break. If you are looking for dog training classes in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford, give us a call at 540-834-8353. And for special discounts, follow us on our Facebook page.

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