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A lot of people make the decision to send their dog to puppy classes in order to teach some basic obedience. It’s an excellent idea because it teaches your dog how to follow some simple commands as well as how to interact with other animals and people without becoming overly excited. Unless you are a professional dog trainer yourself, it’s a good idea to find the right dog training in Fredericksburg Virginia. At the very least, your dog should have a basic obedience class. Generally speaking, classes are designed so that you have your most basic class first. Once your dog graduates, there is typically an opportunity to go on to both intermediate and advanced classes. This gives you and your pet an opportunity to bond while working on many of the things that were taught in the initial class. In other words, it provides an opportunity to solidify things and work on any weaknesses that might exist.

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Perceived Problems with Taking Your Dog to an Obedience Class

Unfortunately, a lot of people have the misconception that they don’t really need to take their dog to an obedience class. There are a couple of different thought processes involved in this decision. More often than not, they identify with something in the following list that makes them feel like the classes are either unnecessary or ineffective. You might even identify with something on this list yourself:

  • Classes are too expensive.
  • You don’t have enough time to make it to the designated class every week.
  • You can teach your dog everything she needs to know yourself.
  • As your dog gets older, she will automatically learn what she’s supposed to do.
  • Obedience classes don’t work in the first place.

The Truth about Obedience Classes

If any of the things in the above list sound like something that you have believed in the past, know that you’re basically doing a disservice to your dog by not getting her the dog training in Fredericksburg Virginia that she needs. We don’t say this just because we’re involved with dog training. We say it because it’s the truth. In order to prove that statement, let’s break down everything that was included in the list that can sometimes act as a barrier to you getting your dog the classes she needs. Classes can be pricey, but it’s important to remember that your dog is a part of the family. Think about obedience classes in the same way that you think of getting your dog the proper vet care when she needs it. You’re not looking for the cheapest classes out there, you’re looking to find the best value for your dollar. Ultimately, you want something that will help your dog become the best family member she can be. As far as time constraints are concerned, it can be difficult to find the time but it’s also important to remember that we provide many different avenues for you when it comes to choosing the right time that works for you and your family. If you can afford an hour a week, you can find a way to get your dog to obedience classes. As far as believing that she will simply learn on her own, dogs don’t have a tendency to learn what you want from them as they get older. They need to be taught what is expected of them and the sooner you do it, the easier it is to handle any issues that might arise.

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Consistency is Key

It’s already been mentioned that you shouldn’t think that you can teach your dog as well as a professional trainer unless you are one yourself. It’s also extremely important to realize that you can’t just go to dog training in Fredericksburg Virginia and then never do anything else with her. You learn how to provide the commands correctly during class but the real work comes when you and your dog are outside of class. It’s all about working with her to help her understand what she needs to do. This means spending time with her working on these commands on a daily basis. It also means that you have to keep up with that routine even after the class has ended. Otherwise, you run the risk of allowing her to regress as if she had never attended obedience classes in the first place.

If you’re interested in dog training in Fredericksburg Virginia, it’s important to know that we’re here for you. We want to create happy relationships with people and their pets and one of the best ways to do that is through adequate training. If you want to know more, all you need to do is give us a call at (540) 324-3518.