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You know your dog has a behavior problem. That’s a fact. Your dog could be pulling or going inside the house, or it could be multiple things. Of course, we advise you that in order to deal with the bad behavior your dog needs dog training classes. But you also have to keep in mind that by ignoring or doing certain things you could be worsening your dog’s bad behavior. Although there are more things we could have added to the list, here are four things you should not do.

  1. Ignoring the warning signs of bad behavior: This is how it all starts. Before you can clearly see a problem, small things tend to happen here and there. And you tell yourself that it hasn’t happened before, that is our of character, and that it will not happen again. Another common thing to think is that “it’s just a phase!” Do not ignore the warning signs. dog with ripped toy
  2. Encouraging bad behavior or signs of anxiety: This one can be kind of tough for many dog owners, and they might not even realize that what they are doing could worsen the problem. When your dog is anxious and starts whining or barking because it’s in a crate or because a stranger walks by your house, you should not be comforting. While it is natural to want to comfort your dog when it is afraid and whines, this will only encourage your dog to do it more. By implementing physical touch and verbal praise, your dog won’t realize that the behavior he/she is exhibiting is wrong. dog cuddled up with a cup
  3. Let your dog learn from other badly behaved dogs: If you have another dog at home and you bring in a new one (like a puppy) don’t let your new dog learn from the older dog if your older dog has behavioral issues. Your new dog will naturally look at the older dog for guidance, don’t allow for the creation of another badly behaved dog
  4. Avoid dog training because your dog won’t like it: If your dog is untrained and you haven’t set any boundaries, your dog is a free spirit who does as it pleases. And you might be afraid that dog training will make your dog unhappy. That’s just silly! Sure, your dog will have to get used to the new rules, but as long as it has food and love, your dog will be perfectly fine.

The #1 takeaway that you should get out of this is that your dog will benefit from dog training classes. If you are in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford or anywhere else in the surrounding counties and you are in need of dog training classes, give us a call at 540-834-8353. We provide several dog training services such as private lessons and board and train.