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Professional Dog Training Benefits

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Why Dog Training Benefits the Entire Family

Does your dog pull on the leash or bark at passersby? Some dogs may have exhibited these behaviors in the past, but professional dog training can rectify the situation. Our entire team is quite satisfied when Fido has better control over its behaviors. If you’re considering any training for your pup, it’s time to learn about the details surrounding this process. Both owners and canines will be thrilled with the results.

The Fear Factor

Consider the puppy’s perspective of the world, and it can be very intimidating. Fear of the world often stems from a young age, which leads to unwanted behaviors.

Fear drives the most common issues that our dog training lessons try to solve, such as:

  • Hoarding food
  • Excessive barking
  • Biting people

The pup needs a new way to see the world. Training sessions can change those unwanted behaviors so that the dog is actually happier with its surroundings.

Puppies Versus Adult Dogs

Dog training can be streamlined when the pet is young. This information makes sense because a puppy is in its main growth stage at this time. Neurons are connecting with each life experience. Molding the pup’s mind with training techniques will solidify the information in its mind for life.

In general, it’s easier to train a puppy versus an older dog. An adult dog will require extra time to take on the training tasks. Psychology Today points out that a household with older dogs can make new puppy training easier too. The animals model their behavior off of each other every minute.

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Always With Positivity

The most effective dog training involves positive reinforcement. Generally, a desired behavior is rewarded with a treat in some form. We’ve used a few different rewards in the past, such as:

  • Small, nibble-size dog treats
  • Positive, verbal responses
  • Satisfying, belly rubdowns

No dog will respond to negative responses. If an unwanted behavior occurs, the trainer pauses for a moment and repeats the command for the desired action. Although the dog may stray into the wrong behavior at times, the positive reinforcement will win out in the end.

For our comfort, and yours

All of our trainers are Pet CPR certified!

Socializing With People

A key part of dog training is getting the pup accustomed to people. It’s a clever train of thought to remember that dogs are wired to think like a pack. If a stranger comes near the dog, it reacts with aggression. It’s merely protecting its pack. In this case, your family is the dog pack.

Training must include socializing with other people who aren’t in the dog’s immediate circle. Regular introductions will make the socializing easier each time.

Considering Breeds

Every dog breed seems to have its own personality. The small dogs tend to be hyperactive, whereas the big dogs turn into babies when they visit the vet. In fact, Embrace Pet Insurance notes that training specific breeds can be challenging.

Wag Ur Tail takes this fact into consideration, but there’s no discrimination among breeds. Every dog can be trained! It takes dedication on the part of the trainer and pup owner. Love and caring can translate into a well-behaved dog.

Exploring a Private Session

We personally prefer private dog training because the pup receives all of the attention. This scenario is particularly important when the dog is new to the training process.

Wag UR Tail’s Mike Morrison and his team will work with your pup once a week for about one hour. This time frame solidifies the behaviors in the dog’s mind so that you can work with the pup during the rest of the week. No behavior goes overlooked with a private session.

Practice Makes Perfect

If a once-weekly meeting with our team sounds short and sweet, looking at the bigger picture is necessary. Dog training must be a daily occurrence between the owner and pup. Use that information learned during the private session, and apply it toward each encounter afterward.

It’s truly the practice that makes the behaviors normal in the dog’s mind. The private sessions merely introduce the ideas. Your bond with the dog makes the process a long-term memory that sticks until old age.

Home is Comfort

Many people don’t realize how important the training location matters to the entire process. Our team typically holds private sessions at your home. The dog feels comfortable with the surroundings; it’s its territory. As a result, the training might go more smoothly than when it’s held at a nearby facility.

By taking dog training to the household, fear of the unknown isn’t in the dog’s mind. It can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Home sessions are also more convenient for you in the long run.

Training the Humans

Being a dog owner means that some of your behaviors have to change too! Human training goes along with the canine classes. You learn commands, how tone affects the dog’s reactions and many more concepts. It’s your job to become the dog’s master. Guiding it with specific commands for health and well-being isn’t natural for every pet owner. Part of the our training includes tips for owners to live amicably with their canines.

man and dog

Behavioral Consulting

Some behavioral issues are more stubborn than others. Training sessions can help, but extra attention may be necessary. Wag Ur Tail offers behavioral consulting for those stubborn actions. A private session to go over the issue is set, and our team makes it their focus to figure out a solution.

Most problems have an answer. It’s just a matter of finding the proper steps to change the animal’s behavior. Our team has gentle and effective measures to set your dog’s journey on the right path.

Doggy Camps

You might have a tough dog, but you love it nonetheless! We also offer two-week and three week train and board. In this case, your dog stays with our team for the full time in a personalized, doggy camp.

This intensive training involves the dog living and learning within a trainer’s home. We work exclusively with your dog until the train and board period elapses. The pup returns to you as a well-behaved canine.

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Every dog has a certain level of curiosity, but they don’t always pay careful attention to their surroundings. Our dog trainers will always take the pet’s abilities into consideration. No class will move too quickly or slowly. It’s built around that pup’s learning pace.

Your dog might be particularly slow when it comes to learning about staying when a treat is nearby. After several training sessions, the commands started to sink in. Simply be patient with your pup during each practice because the information will make sense over time.

Call Wag Ur Tail Dog Training today at 540-324-3518. Our training professionals serve Stafford, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg with pride. Explore your behavioral options with our team today. We’ll help you see the world from the canine’s perspective. Bonding man with dog is a rewarding process in the end.

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Reviews from Wag Ur Tail Dog Training alumni speak for themselves:

We did a 6-session private lesson package, and even after one there was a major improvement! The lessons were straightforward and kept simple so that we knew exactly what to practice and keep an eye out for at home and when we worked with [our dog] in public.

Brittany Spangler

Mike has helped me not to be anxious and how to take control of my puppy. He answers emails right away and never tires of my questions . . . In the two lessons we have had so far, my puppy can go up and down stairs, comes when called (still a work in progress), will walk right with me off his leash, and stays when we are outside.

Leanne Southland

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